Writing a Short Essay for Academics

Writing a Short Essay for Academics

Essay writing is an important aspect for students, especially when it comes to submitting one for academics. This is a practice where a student applies his/her skills to the fullest on an idea to give it a bit narrower scape. With such a short-length essay, you are told to convey the most of your information to the readers, so that it easily grabs the attention at first sight.

Here the essay needs to be simple and precise in its context, where the readers can understand the information with its every aspect. Short essays are usually written for descriptive purposes, college papers, and narrative essays for academics. The steps involved in the process of short essay writing are-

Creative idea

For writing an essay, the student must be creative with his/her ideas and should possess brainstorming skills to interpret one. Every sentence and paragraph of your essay must be relevant and apt to the point. Don’t include any kind of unnecessary information or facts that leads to misguide the audience on any terms. Note down every thought that comes to your mind and choose the best topics out of it to make the most perfect one.


Once you have collected all the necessary information and facts, the next step is to write them for your essay. Design an explicit outline for your topic that suits well with the context. Make sure that you write down all the arguments and supporting facts for the essay. Make a final goal towards the writing aspect and think of what material needs to be included well with each of your paragraphs.

Craft your essay

Now that you have gathered all the information for your essay with a perfect outline, its time to start writing with your content. Cover all the points carefully and be concise and brief with your writing. Remember that all of your sentences are framed in the active voice.

Edit and Proofread

This is the final most destination of your essay writing process. Read your essay again and again, until it sounds clear and straight with all the information. Expressing ideas briefly and writing clearly for the essay are the most important skills for a good writer. Check all the grammatical errors, punctuation and spelling mistakes before you submit the final copy of your essay. You can either correct those errors with the help of some online tools, or you can also take help from your friends or colleagues to proofread it.

The primary structure of a short essay generally includes an introduction, main body paragraph and conclusion. All these aspects are mentioned below in detail. Take a look at this blog further to know more about it-


This is the first thing that your reader is going to read, so it needs to be framed accordingly to set the first impression on the minds of your readers. Its main purpose is to attract the audience with its content and make them clear about the intentions of writing. It should not be lengthy, rather it should include short sentences, with informative, concise and eye-catchy content. The author here must encourage the audience to read the content further so that they can easily understand the subject or issue.

Main body

This is where you write about all the key areas of your content. Here you mention the significant points, with some supporting arguments and facts. It gets easier for the audience to understand your content if the main paragraphs are broken down into short pieces or sections.

Supportive evidence It is necessary for the writer to present a bunch of supportive evidence in his content because the details alone are not prominent enough for the understanding of your essay. There are several topics or subjects that require in-depth explanation, and without them, there’s no core left in your paper. So make sure that you provide enough evidence for your content as per the outline of your topic.


Under this section, you are told to restate the thesis statement of your essay and draw a connection between the introductory paragraphs and the ending ones. Remind the audience of what the motive was for your content and highlight the importance of your topic again in the concluding paragraphs. The conclusion needs to be clear enough with its voice and context so that the reader can easily comprehend the content till the end.


Apart from these above-mentioned components of the essay, make sure that you also edit and proofread your content carefully before final submission. Deduct all the grammatical mistakes and errors made in your assignment and prepare a flawless copy out of it for submission. You can also take help from online essay writing experts if you get stuck at any stage of writing or feel the urge to seek guidance. We provide professionally prepared high-quality assignments and essays to students so that you can easily score well in your academics.



Writing a Short Essay for Academics

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Writing a Short Essay for Academics


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