What is an Adrenaline Rush

What is an Adrenaline Rush


Epinephrine or adrenaline is an anxiety hormone produced by the adrenal glands present in the kidneys. It plays a significant part in arranging the body for the acute stress response in intimidating environments. An adrenaline rush is an unexpected increase in the discharge of adrenaline from the adrenal glands. This occurs when the mind communicates to the glands that there will be a requirement for a fight-or-flight reaction.

The grounds of an adrenaline rush need not be a particular physical risk, but can also be a fictional threat, vigorous exercise, cardiac arrest, prolonged stress, fretfulness or a disorder of the intellect or adrenal glands. When you recognize something as intimidating or thrilling, the hypothalamus in mind indicates to the adrenal glands that now it should produce adrenaline along with other stress hormones.

The adrenal glands then produce adrenaline by converting amino acid tyrosine into dopamine. Infusion of dopamine with oxygen produces noradrenaline, which is then transformed into adrenaline. Adrenaline ties to receptors on the blood vessels, heart, liver, pancreas, fatty tissues, and muscles. By tying up receptors on the heart and blood vessels, adrenaline raises heart rate and breathing, and by tying up receptors on the liver, muscles, pancreas and fatty tissues, it deters the production of insulin and encourages the production of sugar and fat, which the body can use as energy in hyperarousal situations.

An adrenaline rush can cause damaging effects to one’s health. People having heart ailments can face severe damages, which weakens the heart muscles, or in individuals with heart-related illnesses, it can cause a deteriorating of the heart muscles, a heart attack or heart failure. It can also have an emotional impact the brain in damaging ways. According to research conducted in the January 2008 issued by PNAS, incessant intensified levels of stress hormones can become a reason for contraction of the hippocampus, the mind’s core retention center.

Stress hormone arouses the formation of IL-1 beta, a cytokine, or an indicating particle that creates soreness in the hippocampus and stops the development of new neurons. Though hyperactivity in the adrenal gland can have damaging effects on health, slightly augmented levels of stress hormones can have radical consequences for the leptin, protein, which is formed in the body’s white full of fat tissues and that quickens the development of life-threatening cancer cells.

According to research published in July 2010 issue of Cell. Despite the fact that blood content of leptin is directly proportionate to some fatty tissues in the body, stress hormones may well play a role in adjusting how much leptin the fat cells create. The less they create, the unhurried cancer cells will develop, the researchers claim. A few days back, I  read an article in the newspaper, wherein a teenager jumped into the sea while playing some game with his friends. This incident may sound a normal one, but what followed is completely horrible.

The young boy who in the influence of adrenaline rush jumped off into the sea where he had a terrifying encounter with a crocodile. Luckily, this boy was saved with the help of his friends’ efforts and his conscious efforts. But is it worth it to put one’s life at stake when you feel adrenaline rush in your body? Any sensible person would say No, but young blood is full of vitality and energy and therefore, they are ready to take huge risks that sometimes result in disastrous accidents, and some even lose their lives.

Taking risks is important, but there is a thin line between risk and foolishness and young boys and girls misinterpret and fall prey to unfortunate incidents. Formation of stress hormones is a standard process, but losing one’s sanity while facing adrenaline rush is a bad idea at all. No one can avoid the formation of adrenaline, but you can practice yoga and meditation to calm your body and control its process that will help you dealing with sudden impulsive hormone formation and keep you composed during such times.

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What is an Adrenaline Rush

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What is an Adrenaline Rush

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