What are the Types of Research?

What are the Types of Research?


Academic writing often requires active participation in research, where students are told to represent their own thoughts and visions with the collected facts and information. They are also required to use phenomenal research skills in their academic paper that makes it quite informative and attractive in outlook. A lot of significance gets attached with a simple research paper, as it not only requires a lot of hard work and efforts, but it also gets added as a major segment of evaluation in their academic career. The blog here represents different types of research work that students usually employ in their academic career.

What are the Types of Research?

To know more about it, read further. Research work requires intensive participation from the author’s side to represent informative content on a specific problem or topic. Here the researcher is told to induce the most appropriate method for research that can help him study and analyse the issue. Before we move onto the aspect of studying the types of research work for an academic paper, let’s just take a look at some impressive tips for research that can help students frame one-

Conducting research is all about finding the issues

The process involves searching for solutions to that issue Further, build up strong arguments Employing essential data and facts to support the arguments

Concluding the research work in the end

Following are some important types of research that can be practiced for an academic paper–

Quantitative research

This type of research majorly involves quantifying behaviors, opinions and attitudes. The whole process revolves around statistics. For performing research in this category, you need to use data for proper facts. This type of research work appears to be more structured in its form as compared to the other ones. Online polls, surveys, and interviews are typical examples of this research.

Qualitative research

This type of research work provides detail about the issue talked about in the paper. This helps the researcher, as well as the audience, develop ideas related to the research work. The work appears to be a bit unstructured in its context, and group discussions and face to face interviews are its common examples.

Persuasive research

Here the researcher describes an issue in two ways. Comparing the two different ways in different contexts, the researcher tries to analyse the pros and cons and then provides a conclusion based on the facts collected before. This type of research tends to use an emotional approach, along with the logical reasoning factor.

Analytical research

Under this process, information is collected from various sources. The researcher analyses this information first and then makes a personal conclusion based on it. The researcher is supposed to have good analytical skills for it to perform effective research.

Experimental research

The researcher follows a step by step procedure to conduct an experiment, share experience, provide research context and data, and then conclude the research process. In the case of experimental research, the data needs to be explained in a detailed manner, where the whole process is based on experiments.

Cause and Effect research

This research depicts a situation first and then present a cause as well as effect to conclude it. The cause and effect research theory is usually performed by high school or college students.

Problem-Solution research

This is majorly conducted by students or scholars. The whole process is based on solving problems and issues. The researcher here first analyses the problems and then finds appropriate solutions for it.

Report research

Here the researcher reads the information on a particular research topic and then present it to the readers in the form of important facts and opinions. This type of research can be conducted very easily if the researcher tends to possess some good research skills.

Survey research

As the name itself suggests, the researcher conducts a survey in this process to analyse findings and later draws a conclusion out of it.


So, these were some important types of research work that can help students compile one for their academic paper. Apart from this, if you get stuck with any kind of research work or academic paper, feel free to contact our online research paper writing services for professional guidance and high-quality content.




What are the Types of Research?

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What are the Types of Research?

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