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Simulation models and optimization methods, groundwater remediation, water supply, flood control, Stochastic Optimization Methods in hydrologic and water resource systems, Applications to water resources infrastructure planning and management, Solution methods, Optimization Modeling, Water resources infrastructure planning and management, Role of modeling and its advantages and limitations, Identifying and evaluating design and management alternatives, Institutional objectives and constraints, Flood mitigation, Stormwater collection systems, water distribution systems, Pump systems, Analysis of flow in pipes.

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The Field of Water Engineering

Water engineering is the study where it is explained the interaction of water with natural and built environments. This stream of engineering looks at the aspect how natural systems, like estuaries, coasts and rivers behave plus the designing infrastructure for storing as well as directing water. Water engineering study also involves solving problems related to aging infrastructure, global warming, quality living standards, and population growth. In this stream, a student also learns to deal with the removal of waste-water, facility of clean water and also learns about preventing flood damage.

The Duties of a Water Engineer

A water engineer deals with building and maintaining the structure which controls water resources, like pumping reservoirs, stations, sea defense walls etc. These engineers are loaded with too many responsibilities that are both technical as well as non-technical. They guarantee that people are supplied with an incessant supply of uncontaminated water for the purpose of living, drinking and recreational uses. A water engineer besides designing water management systems habitually oversees the maintenance and construction of these systems. He exhibits a true interest and knowledge regarding the environmental issues and the water industry. Water engineers also design schemes like flood defense programmes plus associated structures, like earthworks, pumping stations, and pipework.

They also prepare tender documents for the sake of constructions, review technical submissions and work collaboratively with various other businesses. Their job demands them to remain updated with environmental problems and they are well aware of the policies and developments in various areas. They are given this responsibility to observe the development of projects right from the beginning to the end. They remain constantly in touch with local authorities, clients, residents, technical experts, suppliers, contractors, government agencies besides other consultants. The job of a water engineers demands him to support other directors and project managers inside the business as well as across the broader market.

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Sustainability, Temporal Scales for Planning and Management, Spatial Scales for Planning and Management, Planning Scales and Sustainability, Performance monitoring and asset management, Optimization of water allocation, Optimization and performance monitoring, Water availability, and water quality modeling, Estimating agricultural demands from irrigation systems, River basin modeling, use of WEAP software, River basin modeling and irrigation, Methods for Multiple-purpose River Basin Planning, Demand estimation, Climate change and impacts on water resources, Water Framework Directive.

Reservoir yield, Simulation techniques, Water Resources Assessment and Management, Optimization and Uncertainty, Role of data, Hydrological model development, Catchment water balance, Catchment hydrology, and modeling, Rainfall and Evaporation, Hydrological Processes, and their measurement, Water Resources, and Demand, Rainfall-runoff, Agriculture and Water (Engineering and Impacts on Resources and Quality), Sustainable Yield, Groundwater Resource Development Pumping Tests (CW issue), Hydrological Processes and Water Balance Modelling,

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Disinfection and chemical oxidation, coagulation and flocculation processes, precipitation, Chemical dosing, sedimentation and filtration, screening and grit removal, Physical methods for removing particulates, trace contaminants and pathogens, Open channel flow, organic and inorganic compounds, hydraulic machinery and structures, suspended and dissolved solids, significance and concentration ranges of impurities in water and wastewater, hydraulic modeling, Ground Water Hydrology, Hydrologic Engineering, Surface and subsurface water storage, Analysis of rainfall, groundwater wells, hydrology, turbines, open channels and pumps, design of hydraulic facilities in pipe systems, river basin modeling, optimization approaches, water balance modeling, Applications of models, integrated river basin management, Modelling approaches, transport systems water quality modeling, hydrological modeling, Modelling of natural resources.

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The design applied to water resources engineering, System analysis, Hydroelectric power, Hydraulic machinery, Reservoirs and dams, Principles of hydraulics, Stormwater management, Pressure conduits, wastewater collection, water, and agriculture, the flow of water in open channels, natural watershed, Principals of mathematical models, frequency analysis, groundwater flow, pump systems, culvert design, open channel hydraulics, flood routing, water supply distribution, hydrograph analysis, Groundwater resources, Water Quality, Waste Water Treatment & Resource Recovery, Statistics for Water Engineering, Hydraulics, Irrigation Agronomy, Advanced Mathematics for Water Engineering, Aquatic Ecology, Surface Water Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology.

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