Variants of Report Writing

Variants of Report Writing


Report writing has become an essential aspect of academic career, where report submissions have replaced the common scenario of task completion, in comparison to other kinds of assignments. Though most of you might think that its a very easy task to perform, which can be completed if we begin writing just the day before submission, but, it is not quite the same when it comes to drafting one for submission. Apart from just the report writing process, there are many such aspects and factors that need to be considered while compiling one.

Research is the foremost concept, which needs to be undertaken first to accomplish the stage of collecting relevant facts and data. The next stage is where you choose the essential pieces of writing for your content that suits well with your topic. And with all this information and facts collected, you move forward with the writing process, where you authenticate the content in your own language and thoughts. But, before you begin with the writing section, make sure that you are aware of the variants of reports that are useful for your academic project.

Variants of Report Writing

Here are the following types of reports that need to be considered before you begin with your writing process-

Research reports

In order to make your research reports look more attractive and user-friendly, you must propose the report with one page of the central memo or note to signify its relevance. The second ratio of your research should provide an executive summary, which volumes up to three pages. The third ratio comes with the maximum volume of context that includes, observations, findings and analysis of the case.

Special care should be given to the language of your content because it should be written in a manner that could be easily understood by the mediocre audience groups as well. Your main message needs to be formatted in bullet points so that it gets conveyed easily to the audience. In case, the readers do not have enough time to read your entire research context; they certainly jump to the executive summary junction, which should be written effectively to grab their attention.

Variants of Report Writing

Annual and yearly report

s Annual reports are basically used in small scale or multinational companies. Among the other factors of financial and marketing tools of a company, the annual report tends to bar the maximum significance for the business. It mentions about a wide range of audience in its context, which majorly includes external agents like independent clients, funding bodies and other government organizations.

With the help of annual reports, the company provides the required financial data of the year to its stakeholders for the decision making process. Annual reports are considered to be more accountable in terms of other means because of its vast reach among the audience. The author should always consider the total number of officials and directors affected by this statement of the report while compiling one.

Variants of Report Writing

Contractual reports

Compared to other divisions of report, the contractual process is the most demanding one in the industry. This type of report is usually assigned to a person, where his/her performance and responsibility is ascertained. In academic institutions, contractual reports are used to evaluate the academic and reasoning power of the student.

Though it is considered to be the most effective tool in the academic industry, it consumes a lot of time and efforts with very little benefits for the entity. Since the audience of the context is not properly classified in the literature part, no strict guidelines or framework are used for the report writing process.

Variants of Report Writing

Project or proposal reports

This type of report is majorly written in the form of a closure agreement of an authentic project. The project manager works extensively on this report, providing an overall and authentic review of the closure of the concerned project. The project report aims to record the periodic advancement of the assigned sub-targets in a particular field. This report also tends to provide an overview of the whole project, marking challenges faced during its progression.

This also helps the management team to assess and compare the expected and actual targets of the company. The author must put in an extra effort to avoid the repetitive set of data that could generate disinterest among the audience. The author must also follow a strict pattern of guidelines that can help him prepare a better framework for the report.

Variants of Report Writing

Assessment reports

In the corporate and academic sector, assessment reports are majorly used to discuss the overall process and progress of some ongoing project. This would help them ensure the timely completion of their targets, with recording essential findings during the process. Even the most minute excerpts of the report portray the reason for certain happenings in the project.

This kind of report is majorly drafted by the officials either at the midway of the project or during its completion. The major factors analyzed during the process of report formation are efficacy, effect and steadiness in context with the system of the industry. Both the academic and business sectors employ this approach of evaluation in their system to record essential assessments of their projects.

Variants of Report Writing

So, these were some of the major variants of report writing that are employed in the industries worldwide. Even academic institutions and universities consider such report writing processes for greater evaluation and assessment purposes. Apart from this blog, if you face any kind of difficulties while compiling a report for your academics, look out for online academic writing services that offer professional guidance in the required field.

Variants of Report Writing



Variants of Report Writing

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Variants of Report Writing

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