Types of Research and its importance

Types of Research and its importance


Research is considered to be a systematic and comprehensive process that involves studying about a particular topic or subject to gain in-depth knowledge regarding it. Research has been done on various topics all over the world by individuals who want to expand their knowledge base on something, especially the ones considering to solve a problem or an issue.

Types of Research and its importance

Research might include looking into some old books, journals, or papers that can simply begin with a Google search and compound scientific methods.

Importance of Research Development and research sync, together with science and technology.

The process of research is considered to be an exercise for your mind. It helps you to build knowledge and enhance the learning abilities of an individual. Research keeps people aware of the various recent issues and advancements around the globe. It also acts as a medium of communication for authors, experts, scientists, scholars, and students of any discipline.

The different types of research help build creativity, leadership, reading, analysis, problem-solving, and cognitive abilities in a person. It is marked as an important tool for success for any business organization or firm. With the help of research, you can find new opportunities and methods to help you succeed in life.

Types of Research and its importance

Requirements of Research

The practice of research has become a necessity for scholars, students, scientists, professionals, and many more. The often use research to experiment in different fields. It becomes important for a student to publish a thesis or research paper that can help them score well in academic courses.

Writing a research paper for an academic course helps students complete their graduation from any university almost all over the world. Scholars and scientists are required to publish the findings of their research so that it can be utilized later in the future by any individual to explore the topic or subject further. Research writing plays a very crucial role in the development of a person’s individuality and personality.

Types of Research and its importance

Types of Research

You usually take a research method to improve your understanding, when the data needs to be collected about a specific subject or topic. There are different types of research methods that can be utilized as per the needs of research and study.

Classification of research based on data analyzed

Quantitative Research– Quantitative research method works on the basis of an organized structure and is useful enough to analyze information. This type of research is done to obtain and evaluate information using a statistical and mathematical approach. It is considered to utilize huge amounts of data and information from different sources to analyze and find discrepancies in them.

Quantitative research simply refers to quantity or amount when it comes to calculating its conclusion. Data collected with the help of this research method is usually presented in the form of graphs, tables, and statistics. Data can be collected with the help of polls, surveys, questionnaires, or results of previous examinations under this research method.

This data is later used to find a correlation or a pattern of behavior that can be used to spread some light on the subject of the research.

Types of Research and its importance

Qualitative Research– Qualitative research method is an inquiry process that enables in-depth knowledge of the problems. This type of research is mainly employed under situations to get information through human interactions. It simply helps in providing insights about a specific issue or topic.

Qualitative research basically involves the study of behaviors and emotions and other aspects of human psychology which are open up for interpretation. As compared to the quantitative research method, its data comes from a smaller group of sources.

Data can be collected in the form of case studies, interviews, focus groups, and so on. Most of the time, it is descriptive and non-numeric in its form. It can simply be explained with the help of words, figures, and pictures.

Types of Research and its importance

Classification of research based on its purpose

Primary Research– This kind of research is conducted at the beginning of the operation. It is also known by a different name called exploratory research, as it is performed to explore the subject of the study. It is considered as the data collection process, which helps in deciding how elaborate the coming steps of the research are going to be.

Secondary Research– This type of research is performed in the intermediate stages of the research process. It is also known by a different name called descriptive research, as it helps to describe the problem at hand. The main purpose behind this approach is to explain the behavior of trends in the data collected.

Tertiary Research– This is the final-most stage of the research, which is performed to make conclusions of the study. It is also known by a different name called explanatory research as it describes the results and the whole process of the experiment. It is one of the most highly structured approaches to study.

Types of Research and its importance

Some other miscellaneous forms of research techniques are-

Basic Research– It is one of the simplest forms of research. The sole purpose behind conducting this research is to gain information and to enhance one’s knowledge. For example, Google search about indigenous species of animals.

Problem-solving Research– This research method is employed to find the reasons behind an issue or a problem. The main purpose behind this research is to provide solutions to a particular problem. For example, When you are finding answers to how to fix a broken part of a motorcycle.

Types of Research and its importance

Applied Research– This type of research utilizes the abilities of an individual to analyze the data and find a solution. Applied research is basically adopted by scientists to analyze their findings and make a conclusion out of it.

Co-relational Research– This type of research is said to find the similarities and differences in two or more sets of data samples.

Types of Research and its importance



Types of Research and its importance

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Types of Research and its importance

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