Types of Essays

Types of Essays

There are 4 main types of essays. They include argumentative, expository, narrative and descriptive essays. The argumentative and expository essays convey information about a given topic to make facts and key points about it clear whereas the narrative and descriptive essays are mainly meant to practice writing in an interesting manner and exercise creativity.

Understanding the Different Types of Essays Used in Academic Writing

Argumentative Essays

These are essays that make use of extensive qualitative and quantitative data to present evidence concerning a particular argument. They are used to test the writer’s ability to carry out a research and present their findings and ideas in details. They also require the writer to make use of logic, facts and examples to present all sides of the arguments in connection to the topic.

It should include an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction should contain a thesis statement. The body should present the ideas and evidences gathered during the research in paragraphs to ensure that the essay is easily readable. The conclusion presents a summarized account of the arguments to support the thesis statement.

The writer is required to convince the reader to view things from their perspective as these essays are based on topics with divided opinions, such as those directly related to moral, political, religious and social stands. After presenting both sides of the topic and expounding in depth about them, the writer is required to take a stand by being in support of one of the sides despite whether or not they actually really agree with it.

Expository essay

These type of essays are used to define a topic using facts, examples and statistic. They therefore provide a balanced and well organized view of a topic. Some of them are used to compare and contrast particular features of topic for instance compare and contrast agriculture in Kenya and South Africa.  Others require clear explanation of how a process is done, for instance, how to cook rice, whereas others are cause and effect based, for instance, explain the causes and effects of urbanization.

The purpose of these essays is to test familiarity and ability to organize and convey information gathered during fact finding. The writer is required to present the facts without revealing their emotions towards them.

The essay contains an introduction part which gives the background information concerning the topic, a body which provide the details making up the essay and a conclusion which provides a summarized account of what is explain throughout the body of the essay.

Narrative essay

These are essays where the writer is required to tell a story, which can be one describing a personal experience or could be created from his or her imaginations. They also require the writer to incorporate the reader into the story by making it as vivid as possible. This is achieved by making use of the first person perspective that is using pronouns such as “I“ and ”we”.

The write is also required to begin by setting the story to fit the body you intend to write by giving details that describe the surroundings in which the story is based. The actual story narrated is usually to describe a first experience of either a very pleasant or scary situation. The essays then end with the writer explaining point of the story or some lesson they learnt from it.

Descriptive essay

These essays provide detailed explanation describe something, for instance the physical appearance of a dog in an essay written with the purpose of describing it so as to ask for help finding it as it had previously gotten lost. They are based on creativity and good word choice to convey a memorable picture of the object being described. Good word choice incorporates use of adverbs, adjectives and figurative language, such as metaphors, similes, allegories, personification and analogies.

The essay should have an introduction which paints a vivid and basic description of the object, a body that gives more information in depth of the object and a conclusion to draw an overall picture of it.

Besides the four main types of essays discussed above, there are other minor types which include:-

Textual analysis essay

These are essays written after analyzing a piece of text so as to explain how it achieves certain effects such as use of styles and themes.

Rhetorical analysis

These essays require the reader to look at a piece of persuasive text, it may be a speech or political cartoon, in terms of use and effectiveness of rhetorical devices. The main objective of the essay it to check how the text has been constructed.

The essay should contain an introduction which gives the background information concerning the piece of writing and a thesis statement, a body which should entail the actual analysis of use of rhetorical devices in the piece of writing and a conclusion which emphasize relevance of the analysis that has been done.

Literary analysis

These are essays that make use of academic intellectual skills developed through close reading of literature work (poem/novel). They are meant to provide an in-depth interpretation of text explaining how themes of the text are conveyed. The essay consists of an introduction which entails a thesis statement and background information concerning the analysis done, a body entailing text readings with quotations and analysis in support of the argument and the conclusion which explains what the piece of text is about.

Admission essay

This is the essay you write to get admitted to a college of your choice. It should explain why you have chosen that particular college, how you learnt about the programs they offer and why they should consider you to be admitted to the college.  Since you only get one chance to apply for the admission so don’t blow it up.

Article writing

These types of essays are written by professional bloggers and content writers so as to create articles for their websites. The articles are meant to be informative about particular topics whereas others accomplish the task of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They are mainly incorporated into the websites to attract a large amount of traffic to the given sites, which in turn generates large sales for them.

Reflective essays

These essays are quite personal as they reflect on an individual’s experiences and perspectives about topic. They connect the theory behind the practice done during social work, health care, business activities.

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Types of Essays

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Types of Essays

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