Essential tools every student writer should know and have

Essential tools every student writer should know and have

Being a student writer is quite a difficult job, especially when you rely on your skills alone for a living. You need to be the person who conveys the idea to the audience in an artistic form. You also need to make sure that your ideas relate to them in a manner that readers can understand.

Essential tools every student writer should know and have

And at the same time, it is important for you to ensure that what you write for the readers is believable and based on true facts and information. Otherwise, you would lose credibility, and no one would ever want to read your work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of tools for writers that they can use.

Though everything else simply depends on your ideas and style, these aids can be helpful enough to make you quality output and assist in improving your work. This can be done by ensuring that the content written is error-free.

Here we have mentioned ten useful tools that every experienced writer should consider looking into.

Plagiarism Software

With the wide range of information and content available on the internet, no wonder how so many people can simply lift a sentence or two on their papers and make those ideas as their own. The practice of copying content and making someone else’s ideas as your own is known as plagiarism.

In order to prevent plagiarism from your content, plagiarism checker Plagtracker is the ultimate tool to use and is quite reliable enough to check any copyright issues. It offers you a unique checking algorithm that will immediately inform you about any sentences or paragraphs that are similar to other people’s work.

In some cases, you might not have copied anything while writing your content, but there will be instances that your ideas are already being conveyed by the other. Hence, for every writer out there, it is better to make use of Plagtracker or any other plagiarism checking software to make sure that nothing is duplicated.

Visual Thesaurus

Google will not want you to keep repeating the same word again and again, all throughout the article or piece of content. So to avoid being penalized, Visual Thesaurus offers you a world full of exciting words. This 3D interactive referencing tool is considered to be so interesting that it gets students of all ages excited about the words. Visual Thesaurus takes you to a unique and remarkably beautiful approach to presenting the results of a word lookout. It gives you a possible choice for each word you type, whether it is a noun or an adjective.

Speech Recognition

It can be quite exhausting for you if you keep typing the whole day for some article or piece. Luckily enough, there is a speech recognition software that allows you to talk, and your computer does the typing for you. For this, you can simply say the words and everything else gets translated directly on the computer screen. Hence, it can save you more time and energy, which can further help increase your productivity and reach amongst the audiences.


SEO is considered to be a very important tool if we are about to write something online. So if you want to generate the right amount of traffic on your website, then Scribe is the best tool for you. It offers an online marketing trinity of content, making sure that all SEO-related areas are considered well.


This tool helps you to synchronize all your bookmarks and passwords, and at the same time, it can also be used for searching information, all for free. This will not only pave a big way towards your writing career but will also save your time, which you can use further to focus on writing.

Dim Dim

This web conferencing service enables you to talk to your clients in real-time. This offers you an inexpensive way to share any documents under a secured network. However, it still requires payment of monthly fees, which is quite affordable.


If you want to maintain a strong writer-client relationship, then this software is the best option for you. Skype has become the primary source of communication for most of the clients these days since it’s easier to use and more convenient enough as no fees is required.


Wridea is said to promote the idea of brainstorming and collaboration. All you need to do is to post an idea and categorize them in pages, ask friends to give feedback, encourage discussion, and brainstorm ideas. If you are fascinated enough to become a creative writer, then this web service is for you.

MS Word Macros

If you have to do the same task again, then MS Word Macros is the best tool for you. Because it creates a shortcut for every task that you repeatedly do. Thus, it helps you to save time and allows you to focus on more important tasks. This also helps you to organize your daily writing schedule.

Web SEO Analytics Tools

The Web SEO Analytics tools help you to meet the Google online content standards. This includes everything you need i.e., keyword, plagiarism checker, link and domain tools, and Web SEO Analysis. These tools can be very useful to you, but the important thing is that you must be able to provide original and high-quality content for your article than can attract readers all over the world.



Essential tools every student writer should know and have

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Essential tools every student writer should know and have

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