5 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

How To Write Paragraphs In Assignments?

Paragraph Development Methods: Examples and Application

10 Nov, 2018


5 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

Presence of relevant paragraphs in the main body section of an assignment is one of the most vital parameters that judge the quality of that paper. And, that’s why writing good paragraphs is essential for an excellent write-up. It helps in breaking the longer sentences in shorter ones which makes them readable. Moreover, it will help your readers to stay focused on one argument at a time.

However, having the skill to write a good and well-structured paragraph is not a cake walk for the students. They lack the ability to write good paragraphs which reflects in their assignment. And to overcome this problem, they look for various online assignment writing service providers.

Keeping such serious issue in mind, our academic writers have enlisted a few tips that will help you in developing a good paragraph. So, let’s have a look at them one by one.
But, before that, you should know what a paragraph is and why it holds so much of importance.

What Is Paragraph?
A paragraph is the building block of any paper. In terms of length, it can be defined as a group of five or more sentences. But, in reality, length does not determine that which section of the document can be termed as a paragraph. Ultimately a paragraph can be just one sentence long. So, we can say that a sentence or group of sentences that discuss a common goal or argument are said to be a paragraph.
There are mainly two reasons why it holds so much of importance:-

It discusses the main ideas of the subject matter.
It generates interest among readers so that they keep on reading.

So, by now you must have understood what a paragraph is, what role does it play in an assignment, and why writing it properly is very important in every write-up.

5 Steps for Writing a Good Paragraph

How to Develop Good Paragraph in an Assignment to Impress professor?

 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

Keeping the importance of paragraphs in mind, our academic writers have discussed a few steps that will help you in drafting a good paragraph. So, let’s have a step-by-step walk through them.

Step – 1: Create a Topic Sentence
Building a paragraph always begins with generating an idea. This idea gives a direction to the paragraph. Often, generating an idea comes in the form of a topic sentence. Before you start writing you need to know what are you going to write about. And for that, you need to develop a topic sentence. Most often you do it very easily, but then the question turns that what are you going to include in it. This is known as controlling idea.
So, a strong paragraph always contains both a good topic sentence and a controlling idea.

 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

Step – 2: Explain the Controlling Idea
Paragraph building continues with the explanation of the topic sentence. Writers give an idea on how readers should interpret the information. They explain their thinking about the subject matter. They provide all the relevant information to justify all the arguments.

 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

Step – 3: Give Examples.
Paragraph development continues with another step, i.e., providing a few examples. After stating the topic sentence and controlling idea, now you need to provide examples to clarify your point, and that can be only done through examples.
Additional phrases and sentences such as, “for example” and “for instance” can help the readers understanding the point easily.

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 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

Step – 4: Explain the Examples
After you’ve given enough information to the readers to clarify your points, now you need to provide why these points and examples are important. So, the next move in paragraph development is explaining all the examples and its relevancy towards the topic sentence. This explanation will show readers that why you chose these examples in support of your arguments.
Most importantly none of the examples should be left unexplained.

 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

Step – 5: Conclude
After explaining your points with relevant information and examples, now you need to conclude your paragraph. For that add a concluding sentence at the end of the paragraph. It connects the preceding paragraph with the upcoming one. It generally plays two significant roles.

A. It combines all the points mentioned above concisely.
B. It does the interlinking between the paragraphs.
Till now, you must have understood the importance of paragraphs in any document. Hope, these tips will be useful for you next time when you’re writing an assignment.

5 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

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5 Tips To Develop Paragraphs In an Assignment

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