Tips that can help you learn English easily

Tips that can help you learn English easily

Whenever you try to learn something new – whether it is learning about how to drive a car for the first time or learning a second language such as English – you need to first find the learning style that works best for you. Different people tend to learn in different ways. Some people are good at auditory learning, while others are good at visual learning.

Tips that can help you learn English easily

Auditory learners tend to absorb the learning material based on their hearing aspect. On the other hand, visual learners are the people that look at the learning material and process what they are seeing. A few of them are also categorized as tactile learners, who work on something with their hands or try to stimulate their sense of touch in different ways.

Similarly, the ones learning language need to find the style that best suits them according to their requirements. In today’s modern world, there are tremendous individual and professional benefits of learning English as a second language. So, here we’ve mentioned a few tips on learning English that can help you build a strong command over this language.

Tips that can help you learn English easily

Determine your learning style

The easiest way to learn English is to figure out which learning style fits best for you. So all you need to do is to try out a lot of different styles which includes watching television shows or movies in English, listening to English audio recordings with no visuals, picking up flashcards or other tactile tools that can help you learn faster – and pay attention to the techniques that interests you.

It is possible to grab more than one learning style for faster recognition. For example, you can be both audio-visual learners at the same time. Or you can be a visual learner along with the aspects of being tactile. It all simply depends on your personal learning style.

Tips that can help you learn English easily

Using media as an advantage

One of the best things about the use of the internet is that most of the people out there can practically have access to any type of media instantly, and in most of the cases for free. Whenever you are about to learn a new language such as English, it is important for you to immerse yourself in the language. If you have the required time and money to invest, this would mean that you can travel somewhere where English is the primary language of people, and you can spend time with them; exclusively with the ones who are native English speakers.

However, this scenario only works for the ones who are extremely rich, but what about the rest of us? Well, you can go online and download some of the English versions of your favorite type of media. This can include television cartoons, movies, news programs, comedies or whatever you like to watch. Next, you could go watching programs in English without any subtitles.

This will somehow force you to pay attention to what is being said in the video rather than simply reading the text appearing at the bottom of the screen. This will further help your mind to put English words you hear into the context of what you see on the screen. This will allow you to make associations naturally and would also enrich your English vocabulary. The process of learning a second language is quite similar to the one when you learned your native language in the first place.

Tips that can help you learn English easily

The weird memory trick

Another easiest way to learn English is to use a weird memory trick that actually works. Under this, you need to think about something that you really like. This can include an episode of your favorite television show, favorite movie, poem, song or a book. Go back and read, listen or watch whatever your favorite thing is, over a couple of days, until you actually have memorized it completely. This thing works best in the situation when you already know something by heart, such as a movie dialogue you can recite from your memory.

Next, you can try finding the English version of your favorite thing. Play that thing and listen carefully to the English words. Keep doing this again and again, until you begin making associations with the dialogue you know in your language with the English translation. And in a few days, you will for sure be able to recite the dialogue in English from your memory just the same way you could say that in your native language.

Tips that can help you learn English easily

Beat the clock

Some people try to learn things better when they are under pressure. So we can add an element of pressure or tension to the process that can help improve their English learning skills and would further stimulate their mind as well. Try to find English language sports or news program that has a running ticker at the bottom of their screen.

This includes channels like CNBC, CNN and ESPN, who will always show a creeping line of text running continuously at the bottom of the picture. Make sure that you carefully watch the ticker and try to translate its words as they go flashing by. This can be difficult for the first-timers because the creeping line moves really fast and you can’t back it up and go back again.

But this added element of pressure created on you will force you to pay close attention to it and you will eventually be able to read the words more easily. This comes out be to be a great initiative for practising English, even after you have become fluent in the language as well. Interact online with English speakers Are you passionate about something? Or do you have a hobby? If so, find an online chat room or forum devoted to that subject.

Tips that can help you learn English easily

Make sure that this group should be one where most of the people speak English. Interact with the English-speaking people who share your interest or hobby. It will be easy for you to talk to them because you already have something in common. Try listening to them first then you can try out your English, once you feel confident about it.

This comes out to be a great way of immersing yourself in English because it’s like having English speaking friends with whom you can chat comfortably for as long as you want, even if they are sitting to the other corner of the world.

Tips that can help you learn English easily


Tips that can help you learn English easily

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Tips that can help you learn English easily

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