Tips for effective time management

Tips for effective time management


Time: the only thing that everyone gets in equal measure, yet no one has enough of! If only the day had more hours than twenty four, perhaps life would have been a little easier, and we would be able to complete all our pending tasks before the day ends. But all of these are just dreams that will never turn into reality, and rather than wasting time hoping for impossible events, it would do us better if we actually stay focused on making the most of the hours that are available to us.

Because let us face it, even if we get more hours in a day that what we do, we would end up wasting all of them too, and then complain about not getting enough time. Time management becomes more problematic and difficult when we talk about it in the context of a student. The life of a student is not as easy as it seems to be, since they are always juggling between academics, assignments, part time jobs and socializing.

More often than not, the first three take up so much of their time, that by the end of the day, they are completely zapped out of energy. They have little or no time left to interact with their friends and loved ones, and this makes them very frustrated and annoyed.

If time is managed effectively, one would be easily available to utilize all the resources, and make the most out of one’s time. Successful people always claim that the secret to their success and growth is effective time management, which has never ever disappointed them. Time management can do wonders to an individual, make his or her career, and teach him or her the importance of being focused and prioritizing things.

All of this is naturally easier said than done, and time management is a skill that takes a long time to acquire. There are, however, a few things that we can deliberately and consciously follow, in order to manage time in a better way.

Setting targets

It is a helpful practice to set up short term targets, and then strive to achieve them in time. Only when one target is completed should one move on to the next. This is especially helpful since approaching things and tasks one by one clears up the clutter in one’s mind, and enables rational thinking.

Set priorities

Not every task is as important as the other. Plus, the consequences of not being able to complete a particular task may be more severe than not finishing others. Before you start your work for the day, make a priority list, and then finish the more important tasks first, and leave the other lesser important ones for a little later.

Overcome the bad habit of procrastination

Delaying tasks and simply lazing around creates unnecessary pressure later on in the end crucial moments. Wasting time will only cause despair later, and it is better to be safe than sorry! Focus on organisation Try and avoid, as far as possible, activities that are unproductive. A little free time is naturally very important for everyone, but it does not take long for those few free minutes to turn into hours. It is crucial that you organize your tasks, prepare a to-do list, and then work around your schedule accordingly.


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Tips for effective time management

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Tips for effective time management

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