The smartest career options for 2020

The smartest career options for 2020


Time changes, so do the career options for students. Be it academic career or professional, both of them are significantly important for students and their bright future. Years ago, what used to be the most lucrative one, is the most obsolete one today. With new trends coming up in society, it has become essential for every student out there to focus on his career and be a part of that change.

With the coming developments in society and technology, many skills and jobs have become obsolete in the market due to their past nature and reliability. Their processes do not fit well with this modern industry, where everything is simply operated by different machines and robots. Internet and automation have changed the living standards of people. It has also completely changed the outlook of the industry within a short span of time, which is quite commendable.

Being a student, really makes it important for you to adapt to these changes and improve your skills and knowledge base, based on the requirements of society and industry. The options for careers keep changing day by day, and you should always take a note of it that makes you settle within the trend.

The smartest career options for 2020

In this blog, we will discuss about some popular career options in 2020 that you should target as a student.

Block chain developers

Crypto-currency has taken a drastic change since a couple of years. If we talk about some 20-30 years ago, the story would be different, as there was hardly any person who knew about it, until five years back it has taken up the whole world with its charming stroke. Bitcoin is just an example for it. But you can actually use these bitcoins on many different platforms, for different reasons.

This is why many big companies have started their own crypto-currency projects, to invest in this huge business. One of the best reasons for this could be that it offers the safest payment options, and it can also be useful because of its single currency value, used all across the globe. In the coming years, we can simply estimate the notion that the market would soon require crypto-currency developers and legislators, hitting it top in the list of best career options.

Physical therapists

They have always been a major part of the medical industry, and the demand for physical therapists has just risen over time. The reason for same could be quite understandable, and we all know that due to our hectic and inorganic lifestyle, we all need it some point or the other. Our body is not the same or healthy, as it used to be years back. There are many reasons for it, but the major one is the changing lifestyle. At times, professional activities also do become responsible for it. Thus, a career option in physical therapy is a bright one that you need to check as soon as possible.

The smartest career options for 2020

Drone pilots

Commercial drones are a new trend in the industry. From taking aerial pictures with beautiful backgrounds to keeping an eye on particular objects or things, it has become a helping hand for the industry. It also helps the managers keep an eye on their projects and its significant progress. Apart from this, there are a lot of other things that can be achieved using drones. But for that, we do need a commercial drone pilot to handle it and utilize it well for better results. Therefore, soon we might witness the need for drone pilots in the market, making it the best career option for students.

Artificial intelligence

This is surely gonna top the list of some best career options in 2020. Artificial intelligence has not only changed the lives of people but also their way of living. We now have automated robots, chatbots, self-driven cars and many such applications and tools that are a product of artificial intelligence. But for that, you need to study statistics, programming, modelling, and even probability to become a pro in machine learning. Most of the engineers today use programming languages such as Python and R for different purposes. This is why we could witness a rise in the number of job opportunities in this field, which is going to stay for years from now.

Content specialist and digital marketer

These job fields have become quite famous at present because of the growing need of internet and its many uses. People today are more active on their social media platforms than in real life. Everyone today has a smartphone, and the companies want to use this scenario in the market to make profits and to make their products and services better. A content specialist also plays a major role in this aspect, as the market requires some creative writers who can help outreach their programs in a manner that is the most effective one in the market.

The smartest career options for 2020

Data scientist

Data analysts and scientists have become quite popular these days. There is a huge scope in this field due to the risen developments in the electronic industry and internet. Companies today are generating huge amounts of data from our social activities, and we as individuals also do take part in this activity almost every day. This is the reason why companies eagerly want to tap our data so that they can easily find insights about their customers and market trends. It also helps them curate better service options for their customers.

You should definitely take a look at this, if you have an interest in data, and also if you want to get paid high in future. Apart from these above-mentioned jobs, there are many other skills and job opportunities in the market that are going to rise in the near future. So, either you go with these ones, or lookout for some other exciting career options that can brighten up your future with great success and income.

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The smartest career options for 2020

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The smartest career options for 2020

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