The looming social evil of unemployment

The looming social evil of unemployment

Unemployment in Pakistan

Even after all these years of rapid growth and modernization, urbanization and industrialization; a number of social evils continue to haunt and torment us. It will be a long time before patriarchy becomes a thing of the past, poverty is still widespread and the living conditions are still not acceptable! Yet another wide spread social issue is that of unemployment, which continues to drastically affect citizens of almost all countries all across the globe.

Living in our comfortable houses and driving in luxury cars, we often fail to realize the magnitude of the issue. Or perhaps we turn a blind eye to unemployment and poverty around us, and give the simple explanation that there is nothing we can do about it. What exactly is unemployment and how does it affect the people of the country at large, when only some people are non-earning while the others are self sufficient and should not be affected at all in the first place?

Put in simple terms, unemployment is a state wherein a person is without any work, and thus is not in a position to earn money for his/her living. Unemployed people are in a worse condition than those who live hand to mouth, since they practically have no source of income at all! The only option left for them to feed themselves is to go out on the streets and beg. It is then but obvious that the children of unemployed people also grow up to lead the same life.

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Naturally, when the family is not even able to make ends meet, educating their children is the last thing on their mind. Consequently, the children remain illiterate all of their lives, cannot even read or write, and thus they cannot find a job for themselves. All that they are capable of doing is paltry work, such as washing utensils or sweeping the streets. And this is how the vicious circle of poverty starts and develops into a full-fledged trap, escape from which is next to impossible!

Thanks to the global recession, unemployment is only increasing with each passing day. Such a helpless scenario causes a person to feel uncertain and insecure, which leads to increased negativity in the individual. It is no wonder that these people have to turn to thefts and robberies and other criminal activities such as smuggling, human trafficking, etc; to keep their stomachs ‘partly’ full, so that they don’t die of starvation on the streets.

Such people not only cause harm to themselves and their immediate surroundings, but also to the entire society at large, whose well being is threatened. There are a number of factors that directly contribute to the growth of this social evil. Recession, corruption, bad governance, prevailing poverty, inflation, population explosion and failure of educational institutes to provide free quality education are just some of them.

It would be interesting here to take a moment to analyze the relation between unemployment and poverty. Unemployment leads to the ceasing of the flow of income in the family, and consequently leads to a situation of acute poverty. On the other hand, poor families are not in a position to send their children to schools and colleges, and consequently, these children grow up to be unemployed.

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Thus, one cannot simply lay the blame for the present situation on any one social evil. One leads to the other, which again leads to the first one, and it goes on and on… What can be concluded is that in order to curb unemployment, the government would also have to focus on controlling poverty in the country. Poverty Alleviation Programmes, also known as PAPs, are a step in the right direction.

Cereals, pulses and other important amenities should be rationed and then provided to these unemployed families. Additionally, free education should be provided to children who belong to these families, and care should be taken to ensure that these government schools do not remain in an abysmal state, and instead provide quality education. Mid day meals would greatly help in influencing children to come and attend school.

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The looming social evil of unemployment – MakeMyAssignments Blog

The looming social evil of unemployment

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