The joy of being an alumnus

The joy of being an alumnus

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The joy of being an alumnus

No matter how much you used to hate school or college as a student; as an adult, every individual fondly reminisces those beloved carefree days. One muses over how the only stress back then was getting an assignment finished in time, and the only challenge in life was to stay up all night to prepare for an exam for the next day.

Every person has a lot of memories associated with his or her school and college, especially of the good talks were held with the teacher regarding life challenges that went far beyond those classroom walls. Somewhere in the midst of these conversations, we all found a role model and a person we could all look up to, and in some corner of our heart, that person still holds a very special place.

This is perhaps what makes the independent school community so exciting, since students get a chance to strengthen and deepen their relations with their teachers, and in the end, the teachers become much more than a mere instructor…they become a dear friend who continues to inspire and motivate and be there always. This being said, getting all of the alumni to be involved passionately and happily is a major task!

Everyone is so occupied with jobs and daily chores that it is difficult to get each ex-student to be willing to participate. In such a scenario, the alumni officer or in-charge should try and get back to the teachers who have had a substantial impact on a student, so as to get more and more students involved. Graduates love to be involved with their former teachers, especially those who are still working and teaching at the schools and colleges.

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The joy of being an alumnus

In fact, these students also want that the respective institutions should take good care of their teachers, and donations in this particular regard are also very common. What is it that is so fascinating about going back to those four walls that we once dreaded, and in fact, even hated at times! Those four walls that would symbolize exams and stress, presentations and viva exams, and every cause of anxiety that a student can possibly think of.

Why does the heart ache and long to go back to that same place, after all this while, when everything has changed? The truth is that the place brings solace and comfort in a way that no other thing or person can. It reminds the individual of both, the hardships and the carefree times, in the exact same instance. On the one hand, it symbolizes the past and the moment gone by, but on the other hand, it stands as an epitome of growth and moving forward and letting go.

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The joy of being an alumnus

It imbues a student with the courage that nothing is impossible, and that if they show the same child-like faith and perseverance again, they will conquer everything! Ex-students also always go back to visit those large playgrounds, the unpolished assembly hall floor and the magnanimous library stocked up with wonderful books. Naturally, they want the best things and facilities to be provided for the new students, who are now studying in these prestigious institutions. In fact, ex-students imagine themselves to be teenagers again, who are re-living the long lost glorious days.

Graduates look forward to the betterment of the current students, and pray for their good luck and success. They desire that these students also turn out to be caring and respecting individuals like they themselves have, so that the world can become a better place.

What are your opinions about being an alumnus? Does going back to your school or college still give you butterflies in the stomach? How do you think that alumni officers can attract alumni and seek their support? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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The joy of being an alumnus

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The joy of being an alumnus
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