(TCO1) A CEO of a local newspaper has noticed that the advertising and subscription revenue has been decreasing. The CEO sets a goal of stopping the…

1. (TCO1) A CEO of a local newspaper has noticed that the advertising and subscription revenue has been decreasing. The CEO sets a goal of stopping the decline. The CEO is engaged in (Points : 2) organizingplanningcontrollingleadingcommunicating2. (TCO 2) For more than a century, Americans moved from rural to metropolitan areas. Then in the 1950s, Americans made a mass exit from the city to the suburbs. Now many of these suburb dwellers are moving back to the rural areas. They are developing micropolitan areas, which offer many of the advantages of the metropolitan areas, but without the population crush, the traffic jams, and the high crime rates. This trend affects the location of many businesses and is part of the ____ dimension in which they operate. (Points : 2) internalpolitical-legaltasksocioculturaleconomic3. (TCO 2) AirTran Airlines (formerly ValuJet) has an airplane fleet that is older than those owned by other airlines. This is a potential ____ because it can give the company an image of poor quality or unsafe planes. (Points : 2) organizational weaknessstrategic limitationentropyorganizational threatorganizational opportunity4. (TCO3) A firm is taking a(n) ____ stance when it actively looks for ways to benefit society as well as meeting its obligations and responding to requests. (Points : 2) reactiveobstructionistproactiveaccommodativedefensive5. (TCO4) Domestic managers who become international managers face several environmental challenges. Which of the following is NOT one of the environmental challenges that international managers face? (Points : 2) TechnologicalPoliticalEconomicCulturalLegal6. (TCO4) The growth of multinational corporations has left little room for distinction. Any perceived competitive advantage is quickly copied. However, an area for competitive advantage remains in the level of ____ organizations attract, motivate, and retain. (Points : 2) human resourcestalentethnicitydemographicspluralism7. (TCO5) A(n) ____ for Quaker Oats Company could be to improve returns for its shareholders by 2% annually. (Points : 2) tactical planmission statementoperational goaloperational planstrategic goal8. (TCO5) Chelsea Milling Company produces Jiffy Mix and other mixes. The company is the fourth largest baking mix producer, has never spent a cent on advertising, and sells its product for one-half to one-third the cost of its competitors. The company pursues a(n) ____ strategy. (Points : 2) guerrillaoverall cost leadershipfocusdifferentiationdefender9. (TCO6) Jay wants to start a new business. With which of the following methods of starting a new business will he pay a share of the income from the business in return for the use of such things as trademarks and business formulas? (Points : 2) Venture capitalismFranchisingBuying an existing business whose purchase price includes goodwillStarting a new business with loans from the SBAIndustrial revenue sharing10. (TCO7) Workers in a McDonald’s are trained to cook, clean, fill drinks, take orders, and fill orders. During a shift they work each job for one hour. This is an example of job (Points : 2) specialization.rotation.delegation.enlargement.enrichment.11. (TCO7) Desiree is reluctant to take a promotion because it involves moving. She knows little about the area she would be living in. According to the text, the most likely reason for such employee resistance to change is (Points : 2) uncertainty.threatened self-interests.different perceptions.feelings of loss.facilitation.12. (TCO8) A manager has been told that she will get a $50,000 bonus if her team meets its quota. She has also been informed that she will be fired if she does not get her team above last year’s total. Which motivation theory is her boss most likely using? (Points : 2) Equity theoryMaslow’s needs hierarchyHerzberg’s two-factor theoryExpectancy theoryERG theory13. (TCO8) Jack has an electrical engineering degree and has worked with automated control systems for over 10 years. His coworkers who design heating and cooling systems are typically influenced by any design suggestions that he makes. Jack has ____ power. (Points : 2) legitimatetechnologicalexpertreferentcoercive14. (TCO9) You are a member of a self-managed team; the team has been experiencing interpersonal conflict among its members. Which of the following techniques could you use to eliminate the interpersonal conflict that is occurring within the self-managed team? (Points : 2) Increasing competition among individualsExpanding resource baseConvincing conflicting parties to compromiseSetting sub-ordinate goalsChange established procedures15. (TCO10) MTV has a(n) ____ perspective toward international strategic control. It does not require its various divisions (MTV Europe, MTV Australia, MTV India, MTV Latin America, and so on) to report in frequently. It believes in letting each manager have the authority to respond quickly to environmental changes. These changes do not have to be approved by MTV before they are implemented. (Points : 2) administrativemechanisticcentralizedbureaucraticdecentralized1. (TCO1) Discuss the functions of management. Which function of management is the most important? Support your answer. (Points : 10) 2. (TCO2) In order to be effective and efficient, CEOs must monitor both the internal and external environments. Is it more important for the CEO to monitor the organization’s external or internal environment? Why? (Points : 10) 3. (TCO3) Discuss how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act promotes ethical leadership within organizations. (Points : 10) 4. (TCO4) An organization that is diverse can gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Discuss at least three ways diversity can lead to a competitive advantage for an organization. (Points : 10) 5. (TCO5) Discuss short-range plans; include a brief description of the various types of short-range plans. Give a business example of each type of plan; do not use the examples in the text. (Points : 10) 6. (TCO6) If you were considering starting you own business, what are the four major types of information would you include in your business plan? (Points : 10) Define the term reengineering. Discuss why an organization might need to engage in it. (Points : 10) Compare the pros and cons of the internal and external recruitment of human resources. (Points : 10) As a manager, in what types of situations should you use written communication? Briefly discuss the reasons why written communication would be best in these situations. (Points : 10) Would you rather work in a company with bureaucratic or decentralized control? Why? (Points : 10) Compare and contrast the sociocultural and the political-legal dimensions of the general environment, with particular attention to how forces in one could affect the other. (Points : 20) Where do organizational ethics come from? Describe the contributions made by the organization’s founder, managers, and workers as well as laws and social norms. Which do you think is most influential? Why? (Points : 20) The firm for which you work was recently acquired by a large multinational corporation. You were lucky that your job was spared, but your job responsibilities have changed greatly. Your new title is director of international marketing. What things must you now be concerned with that you did not think about when you were simply a regional marketing manager? (Points : 20) Managers must make decisions on a regular basis, and often these decisions are affected by one or more behavioral elements. Discuss how these behavioral elements (intuition, political forces, risk propensity, ethics, and escalation of commitment) affected a recent decision that you had to make. (Points : 20) Assume that you are the manager of an organization that has a routine way of performing a task and now faces a major change in how it performs that task. Using Lewin’s model, tell what steps you would take to implement the change. Using the comprehensive approach, tell what steps you would take. For each step, give specific examples of actions you would take at that step. (Points : 20) Phil W. supervises a group of very competent workers. These employees are involved in a routine task, and the company has written standard operating procedures to cover most of the operation. Phil is trying to decide what leadership style would be most effective in dealing with this group of employees. Discuss the path-goal theory and the substitutes for leadership approach. Which one would you recommend to Phil to use? Why? (Points : 20) You are the plant manager at Acme Plastics. You are running two shifts, a day shift and an evening shift. Before the day shift leaves each day, the workers must get an adequate supply of raw materials from the warehouse for the evening shift to use. On several occasions, they have failed to do so. By the time the evening shift gets to work, the warehouse is locked up, and it takes about three hours to get someone out to unlock it and get the production line rolling again. The two shift supervisors are at each other’s throats, and you have to do something to correct the situation. What is the basic problem causing this conflict? What could you do to solve it? (Points : 20)

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