Tips for students to save money while living abroad

Tips for students to save money while living abroad



Living and studying in a foreign land means more expenses than you ever imagined. Other than college fees and basic food and accommodation, a number of other unavoidable expenses pop up quite often, and thus students struggle to maintain their budget and balance their savings and expenses. Here are some super useful tips that will help you to save money and reduce all your financial problems, so that you can live stress-free.

Tips for students to save money while living abroad

Travel smartly to save money

Students end up spending considerable amounts of money on air flights and travel. Search for low-cost flights to travel abroad, and you will end up saving dollars. Make sure that you book these tickets well in advance, and also avail student discounts and other promotional offers of these companies.

Part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are a great way to enhance skills, meet and interact with new people and also earn some huge bucks. Go for a job that you love, and earn while you are working and having fun. Earn while learning Assignment help providers like MakeMyAssignments have introduced Refer and Earn Programmes, wherein you can refer friends and classmates to avail services, and earn points and money for yourself, which you can use yourself to avail our reliable assignment services.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps like Whatsapp and Skype allow you to chat for free, also saving on your communication expenses. Food and dining out apps also offer huge discounts and coupons, so keep using them to save money.

Sharing accommodation

Living in sharing rooms will significantly cut down on your electricity, rent, water, gas and other costs.


Universities offer scholarships and cash rewards to students who perform very well in their exams. Study hard and compete for the award, so that you can free yourself from the burden of having to worry about your college fee.

Avail discounts

Find stores that offer students discounts upon producing a student ID card. This will help you to buy items at hugely discounted rates.

Learn to cook for yourself

A significant chunk of money is spent on food and beverages. Once you learn to cook for yourself, you will be able to control the amount of money that goes into this particular aspect, and also eat healthily.


All of these might seem to be basic tips, but following all of them religiously can significantly help you in saving a lot of money. In fact, these tried and tested techniques are followed by almost all students who are pursuing their education in a far-off land, away from their home, and thus have only limited amounts of money to spend. Use the money that you have saved judiciously and make a better future for yourself. All the best.

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Tips for students to save money while living abroad

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Tips for students to save money while living abroad

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