How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

Tips to Structure and Breakdown a 10000-Word Dissertation

21 Jul, 2020


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What Is the Perfect Structure of a Dissertation?
How to Breakdown a Dissertation? Learn from Our Experts
Different Chapters of Dissertation & How to Write Them

How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

Can’t Write Different Chapters of Dissertation? Here’s the Solution

Writing a perfect dissertation is not at all an easy task. It pulls together a whole range of skills. For composing a top-rated dissertation, you need to be a good researcher so that you can gather the relevant information, facts, stats, examples, and more. You should have good knowledge of every section or chapter of the dissertation.

Are you excited to know every basic detail about different chapters of the dissertation? Great! But before that, first, have a look at the perfect structure of a dissertation explained by our writers who provide dissertation help Canada services.

What Is the Structure of a Perfect Dissertation?

The structure of the dissertation is different from any other academic paper because of so many chapters, and that’s why it is considered as one of the lengthiest documents. Generally, a dissertation has eight different chapters, which are:

Literature Review

These are the eight chapters of the dissertation, which you need to write in a sequence to increase its presentability and quality. After this, you should now know how to categorize and break down each of them by identifying the weightage and importance in advance.

How to Breakdown Dissertation? Learn from Our Experts

Being the professional dissertation writing help online provider, many students reach to us with a query, “How to breakdown dissertation?” For all those students, we have shared the answer to this question below that will help in understanding the breakdown of different dissertation chapters on the basis of distribution of words in percentage and total word count.

Now, let’s see how to accomplish all the chapters of dissertation one by one.

How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

Different Chapters of Dissertation & How to Write Them

An abstract is the shortest chapter of the dissertation. In this, you need to summarize all the chapters without exceeding the word count of 150-300 words. It helps you give an overview of your whole document in the most precise and attractive way to the reader.
How to Write an Abstract?

Don’t exceed the word limit of 150 – 300 words.
Summarize the whole dissertation in this chapter.
Never fail to present the result of the analysis.
Don’t write complex sentences, but short and to the point.
Strategize the initial words of the abstract to make it intriguing for the readers.

The introduction is that part that give the readers an in-depth insight into topic, arguments, purpose, research, and results that are or can be achieved. You should include all the necessary information related to the topic so that the professor can understand the central theme and know what to expect from the rest of the document.
How to Write an Introduction?

Introduce hooks like quotes, anecdotes, surprising element, etc. to attract the readers.
Talk about your main theme in the first line.
State the purpose of writing on that topic.
Address the problem clearly.
Define the scope and terms of the topic.

How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

Literature Review
The literature review is one of the essential chapters of dissertation in which you need to talk about the current research and parts that require further research. It helps in providing a critical assessment of sources you have collected to include in the dissertation.
How to Write a Literature Review?

Research for the relevant literature review.
Analyze all the sources through which you are taking insights.
Identify debates, themes, and gaps.
Outline the structure of literature review.
Pen down every basic and major detail that you are planning to include.

In this chapter, you have to describe all the methods that you have used to collect the required data. Mostly, there are two methods which are used for research, i.e., qualitative and quantitative research methods. It should not be lengthy and messy; keep it precise and to the point.
How to Write a Methodology?

Describe your methodological approach by introducing the way you researched the topic.
Explain your methods of data collection.
Define each method that you have used for analyzing the topic.
Select the best and effective method that helped you in gathering the data fast.
Evaluate and justify your methodological choices.

How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

The results is the integral part of dissertation where you list all your research work and findings. In this chapter, you need not classify the results but only list them down to write the solution accordingly.
How to Write Results?

The results chapter should be written in the past tense.
Its length will depend on the data you have collected.
Don’t include vague and irrelevant information.
Differentiate your results on the basis of research methods you have used.
Compare your results with the previous research.

In discussion chapter, you have to express your thoughts and discuss the findings that you have extracted in the result section. You need to review every essential detail of your research and evaluate the data based on your documents’ requirements.
How to Write a Discussion?

How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

Analyze and explain your results.
Answer your research question to come up with an effective outcome.
Justify every approach you have used to reach to this chapter.
Critically compare your discussion chapter like results from previous research.
Portray the importance and relevance of your results in the discussion.

The conclusion dissertation chapter must be kept shorter than the discussion chapter. In this, you need to summarize everything you have written in the document. It is entirely different from the abstract chapter because, in this, you summarize the document after writing the whole content. Along with this, you should explain what you have learned through the topic findings and how they are valuable.
How to Write a Conclusion?

State the answer to the main research question.
Summarize every chapter within 1000 words.
Include questions and provide strong solutions to them.
Make recommendations for future work on the topic.
Present what new knowledge you have learned and how it contributed in drafting a perfect dissertation.

How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

In this, you need to include all the references you have used to gather the information. You need to sort every reference on the basis of:

The author’s name
Title of the dissertation
Date you submitted the final draft
The page numbers

How to Write a Bibliography?

Conduct effective research to gather and club all the references you have used to write the dissertation.
You need to include correct references and give credit to the right person whose work you have used.
It should include the right page number of every source material.

These are the eight different chapters of dissertation and various points to write each one perfectly. We believe that after going through the information mentioned above, you will not have any further query. But in case you still can’t write these chapters, you must seek dissertation help from our professional writers. Thinking why to seek help from us? Take a look at the succeeding section.

How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

Can’t Write Different Chapters of Dissertation? Here’s the Solution

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How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

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How to Structure a Dissertation? Complete Breakdown & Layout

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