Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile typography qoute Vector Image

Start your day with a smile

We smile when we are happy and delighted and content, but how often do we actually smile? Look around yourself in your classroom, office or wherever you are, and you would find more people frowning than smiling. Life throws so many difficulties and challenges at us, that somewhere down the lane; we all forget to smile as often as we used to do. We learn to forget the sheer joy of smiling and letting things be, and meet problems as if on a battlefield.

How we envy the carefree nature of a newborn child, who smiles and giggles at every new thing he or she encounters! Why did we stop smiling after we grew up? Why are our faces always grumpy and miserable? Start your day with a simple beautiful smile, and look at the changes it brings to your life. And you will be amazed at how easy it actually is to transform your life, and that of others around you. Reduce stress in your life Every third person in this world is a victim of stress and hypertension.

Stress and related diseases such as depression and blood pressure issues are common not only in elders, but also in youngsters and teenagers these days, thanks to the daunting daily schedules. Smiling is the miraculous solution to these problems, since it releases endorphins in the body, which lowers the functioning of those hormones that give rise to stress. Battle mood swings Mood swings are very common in the present world, due to stress, tension and other mental anxieties.

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Start your day with a smile

The endorphins released in the body while smiling also helps in lowering the frequency of mental worries, thereby preventing mood swings. Lower the risk of heart diseases Did you know that smiling can actually reduce the risk of heart diseases? Smile is in fact the only natural therapy that lowers high blood pressure problems, since it lowers the heart rate. Increase your productivity There is a reason why you find images of people smiling inside offices and homes.

Not only does it keep the environment positive, but it also promotes positivity and encourages people to work to their full capacity. Smile to remain fresh and active A smile triggers freshness in the body, and therefore keeps you fresh and makes you feel light. In fact, studies reveal that people who smile often are found to be more fit and active than others. Socialize more A smiling face always attracts others, since people like smiling faces that radiate happiness and positive vibes.

People will be more attracted towards you if you always put a smile on your face, and thus you will be able to interact with others easily and make more friends. Trod on your path to success The key to being a successful person in life is to smile, and to smile often. Smiling makes you appear more confident, and often gives a positive first impression. This opens up the doors of success in every field, and ensures that you become an accomplished human being. A smile is the only thing that can build a positive environment around you.

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Start your day with a smile

It keeps you and others around you energetic, stress free and active. It also improves brain power, and fights numerous diseases. Is not this reason to smile often? So, start your day with a smile. After all, you are not completely dressed up unless you are wearing a smile! How MakeMyAssignments helps to spread smiles? MakeMyAssignments strives to do its bit in spreading smiles on the faces of students by helping them to battle tough assignments and homework tasks.

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Start your day with a smile

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Start your day with a smile
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