What Role Does Education Play in Forming a Society?

How education contributes towards shaping a society?

18 Jan, 2018


It’s unimaginable what would a country do without the education, perhaps because since the time we were born it had already become a usual thing. Another aspect is the technological development humans went through since quite a recent future, which proves to be beneficial by creating opportunities for people in companies that demand education. And anyway, knowledge is essential even if operating just a machine is all you got to do. Let’s see how it plays a significant role in shaping a society.

We must mention that it’s not necessary to receive education specifically from an institution like schools, or colleges. You can also learn from your parents, everything that you learn from schools if they are willing to do so.

Education makes a man decent

There are a few things that one must always remember if they want to live a life of sanity. It includes everything that you don’t want should ever happen to you. Education teaches people to be civilised human beings in an entirely interdependent society. The idea is to create an ideal human being from the very beginning, yet it is crucial to understand that everyone is an individual in themselves. Hence, you cannot teach everyone the same thing, in exactly the same manner.

Promotes Nationalism

Teacher in schools and colleges send out a message as if we are competing against other countries regarding technological advancement. They push us forward, and why shouldn’t we be forced, we are the future of tomorrow. We will bring culture, prosperity, equality, justice, or at least contribute to the technology in one way or the other. It helps the nation grow, and we are bound to take pride in that. Just a question to end this section of discussion: what does government do for the people?

Contributes to developing countries

What is a developing country? It’s just a vast godforsaken society working together to make things happen for their nation. The education plays a part in making educated decisions. Suppose, the resources are too less or too much, we should know how to capitalise on them and extract the most out of them. For example, in a country of 120 million people, human resource is something found in abundance.

And the state is still developing even after the scarcity of resources; then it’s quite sure that human resource is playing a significant part in letting people work for their bread and wine. To maximise the profit, the leader must make provisions which give everyone an opportunity to earn for themselves. And, in hindsight, the growth rate may also go through a massive hike.

In schools, we learn from our teachers, the ways of the world, the importance of time management, and assignment completion. At home, our father teaches us to play dodge-ball elegantly, or any other sport for that matter. Nothing matters at all.

The only thing that plays a significant role in creating a good citizen of the world is their capability of telling right from wrong, justice from unjust, and brightness from the darkness. Later when you come home, decipher the things that are close to your personality and learn those qualities only. Follow Idealism, and you’ll be all good, as long as education is there to create an ideal world.

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What Role Does Education Play in Forming a Society?

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What Role Does Education Play in Forming a Society?

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