Research paper writing help guide

Research paper writing help guide

A research paper is an academic writing based on intensive analysis and research about a particular topic. It tests the student’s research skills, their ability to document the information they gather by expressing their views on their findings from the research and their ability to provide original insights that are useful on the matter being researched. A research paper is written after the research proposal is written and presented, paving way for the actual research to be done to provide a detailed description of the research carried out and the results obtained from it.


How to Write a Research Paper | Complete Step Guide And Tips



Features of research paper include:-

  • It is based on extensive research carried out on a particular problem
  • Should be based on your own experiment and original thoughts. Research from other literature sources is allowed
  • Solution to the problem should be found through the research process
  • All information provided should be supported by evidence such as experimental studies, samples and documents



Research paper writing help guide

Highlighted below are some of the key steps meant to guide you as you write your research paper:-


Research Strategy - Information Literacy - RasGuides at Rasmussen University



  1. Familiarise with the assignment

At this stage, you should identify assignment goals, length, formatting specifications and submission instructions for the paper. This is to help you gain a clearer idea of what is expected of your research paper.

  1. Choose a topic of research

Brain storming about the assignment or discussing it with your professor or fellow students helps to generate an idea that could possibly make up a topic of research. The idea should be

  • Original and specific
  • One that you are have interest in to make it easy to motivate yourself to write about since enthusiasm and effort affect the quality of the paper.
  • Manageable as broad topics become difficult and confusing to write about
  • One with enough sources to make the research easier to conduct
  1. Select sources for your information

It is important to formulate research questions to guide the research to be done from various sources. There are 2 possible sources of information:-

  • Primary sources which include statistical data, interviews, surveys, historical and legal documents.
  • Secondary sources include books, articles, journals etc.

Since it is impossible to fully read about everything related to the subject, it is important to Familiarise yourself with skimming through the information provided, identify the key ideas and focus on the most useful and relevant ones to the topic of research.

  1. Organize your research

Put the information and in order from the least to most crucial

  1. Writing the thesis statement

This is a briefly summarised statement, usually a single or two sentences describing the purpose and content of the paper. It emphasises what you are going to prove in the paper. The statement should be arguable, clear and definitive.

  1. Outline

A research paper outline includes a list of key topics and evidence which help to ensure logical flow of information provided by the paper. It also ensures that no idea is missing when writing.

  1. Create first draft

From the outline already created, it is important to write a draft of each idea listed to ensure that they are expressed as clearly as possible. Focus on writing without necessarily perfecting it. It is not necessary to begin with the introduction as most people prefer to deal with the more complex ideas heading to the much simpler ones and vice versa. As you make this draft, pay attention to organization as well as order of sentences and paragraphs.


Writing the introduction

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A research paper introduction provides background information, explaining the goals of the research and how you plan to approach it.

It should specify what the topic is about, sight the important issues to be addressed by the writing and map out a brief presentation of key elements of the paper in chronological order.

The introduction should be an attention grabber.

Coming up with a captivating body

The outline plays an important role in the organisation of ideas to be presented in the paper. The thesis statement and topic sentences also help to keep the writer on track when writing the paper. When presenting your ideas, it is important to ensure smooth transition between sentences and paragraphs.

It is important to consider paragraph structure, whereby each paragraph focuses on a single idea with the aim of establishing the overall idea of the paper.

Make sure to take note of sources of information when citing citations to avoid accidental plagiarism.


How to write the conclusion

A research paper conclusion emphasises the importance of your findings, gives recommendations based on results of the investigation or directs for further research.

It should also emphasise how paper comes together to prove the thesis statement and make the reader understand how issues raised in the introduction have been settled.

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Don’ts when writing the conclusion:-

  1. Don’t offer new essential ideas or information
  2. Don’t take more space than necessary
  3. Don’t begin in phrases that suggest an ending such as “in conclusion”


  1. Create second draft

As you write this draft, ensure that the paper answers the assignment and that its vision lines up with that of the first draft. Also, ensure that all assumptions requiring justification have been sorted. For all ideas that cannot be farther sustained, remove them from the piece of writing or condense them. As for the new ideas that are well suited for the document, make them part of the paper. It is important to also check all sections to find out which ones seem out of place so as to organise them better.

  1. Review and edit the final copy

Proofreading is important as it helps to check the logic, transition and fullness of ideas and claims used to develop the paper as supported by the evidence provided. The correct use of transition words and phrases to ensure correct connection of ideas are checked as well. It is also important to check that the heading formatting and spellings of words are done correctly.

It also helps to improve sentence structure and correct grammatical errors and formatting, use of correct citation style for instance including MLA heading or creating an APA title page.








Research paper writing help guide

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Research paper writing help guide
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