How to relieve Exam stress one night before the exam

How to relieve Exam stress one night before the exam


In the world full of competition these days, exams for students sound synonymous enough with the term ‘stress’. One can rarely find a student who says that he enjoys giving tests and exams. As the time near the exams approaches, we can see the stress on the faces of students. Examinations hold a central place in the education system, and so does its importance for scoring good in academics. But these days it has become the reason for anxiety and stress amongst the students.

Students worry about their performance in exams and stress about scoring well even before the exams start. No matter how much time they dedicate towards studies, stress doesn’t get fade away easily. Your seniors might keep telling you again and again that stress is going to do nothing good for you just concentrate on your exams and its preparations. But the same seniors might also be facing the same stress and could be under immense pressure during their exams.

Many a time, this stress becomes the main reason for the students to under perform during exams, thus affecting their grades. Therefore, it is important for students during the exams to adopt such techniques that help them to deal with stress and anxiety.

Here we have mentioned some of the best tips that can help you relieve stress just one night before the exam.

Know what needs to be expected out of you

Make sure that you are well aware of the syllabus given to you for a particular exam. Before the exams, make sure that you consult your teachers and professors about the exams as to what type of questions would be asked in it. Once you know everything about the exam, whether it’s the syllabus or the type of questions being asked, you then get well prepared for it, and the exams sound much less vague to you.

You will then find yourself confident enough of performing well in exams. What most of the students have to tackle these days is about bothering their syllabus. Many times they are not aware of the questions being asked in the exams and stress about the amount of material they need to cover for it. And generally, when you are not aware of the syllabus for your test, you end up covering all the topics, thus creating confusion for yourself.

Therefore, all these things add up more to the stress what the students might be facing already. So, try getting the proper knowledge of the subject and its test before the exams that can further help you score well.

Manage your time

Time management is one of the most important things that need to be considered during exams if you need to relieve your stress. Every student studies according to his own caliber and strengths. The point here is to know that strengths that can help you gain the advantage over it. A student needs to know his strengths and weaknesses. Since it is the final most day before the exam, it doesn’t mean that you just keep on studying whatever comes before you.

You should know your subject both inside out, and you need to utilize your time wisely. Since you have studied that subject the whole year or say a semester, you must be knowing the strongest points to be considered and also the weak ones that need no consideration. Make these strongest points your sword for this examination. Try improving your weak points for that subject and do what’s best for you.

Study in a condition that suits you

This is not the first time for you that you would be giving an exam. So you must be knowing which condition suits you the best during preparation days. You also must be aware of the things that distract you during studies and how to keep them for all these days. Therefore, you need to make sure that there is nothing around you that distracts the mind. Since it is the last night before your exam, you cannot simply afford to waste any of your time.

Different people prefer different conditions for studying. Some prefer studying well in light, while some prefer low light. Some prefer listening to music during study time while some prefer complete silence. It depends on you to choose the condition accordingly as per your needs and requirements and the one which suits you the best.

Take Breaks

Mistakes that students make while preparing for their exams is that they do not take breaks between those hectic schedules. For the entire semester, they do not prepare for their exams and then end up doing the whole syllabus in just one day. Everyone tries to finish the syllabus in just one stretch, and this is one of the biggest mistakes that students commit.

Therefore, you need to understand that you cannot just simply cover the whole syllabus in just one day. You need to practice every day even before the exams so that this could help you during the preparation days. And taking breaks is one of the essential things during exams as this provides proper rest to your mind, thus increasing your concentration levels.

Have the right perspective regarding your exam

It is the final most day for preparations, and keeping a correct perspective towards exam is an important thing. One should care about doing well in school, but at the same time, it is also important for you to understand how important the exam is.

Try following a consistent routine

Well if it’s the last day before exams, you cannot follow any routine for it. But if you have still some time left for it, you can prepare a proper routine for studying. Prepare a regular routine for yourself and then stick to it. It comes out to be the most significant benefit for you if you study regularly as per your schedule and prepared routine.

Try meditation

Meditation is an excellent way to relieve your stress, no matter what the situation is. And this comes out to be very helpful for your exam days. You should always meditate before studying. Meditation helps you a lot and put you in a calm state of mind. All you need to do is find a peaceful and quiet place for yourself. Try spending around ten minutes in a peaceful moment, without thinking about anything else.

Accept the imperfections

Before you sit down to study, keep this thing in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect student. Every student has some areas of weaknesses that need to be worked out. Remember, you are given the opportunity to perfect every area of the subject. But this cannot be done in just one day. You need to practice every single day to achieve success.




How to relieve Exam stress one night before the exam

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How to relieve Exam stress one night before the exam

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