Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Money-back guarantee. Safety. Zero risk. Our refund policy boils down to all of these and more. Our refund policy is clear and straightforward. We have written it in everyday English so you can easily read and understand everything.  With our money-back guarantee, what you see is what you get. We say what we mean. We mean what we say. And that differentiates us from the competition. Read carefully and feel free to ask for clarification where you feel we are not clear on an issue.

What Our Refund Policy Does

Our refund policy is about your rights as one of our valued customers. It is about ensuring you enjoy our services in a safe, secure environment. The first right our refund policy guarantees is the right to request a refund at any point in the order process. That means you are not worrying all the time about whether you will get exactly what you want: VALUE for your MONEY.

We have a customer satisfaction rate of 97 percent as of the writing of this page. That means we rarely see refund requests. If and when we get such requests, we make sure the transaction happens fast and efficiently. We process TWO main types of refund requests. These are Quality-Based Refunds and Regular Refunds.

What are Regular Refunds?

If you ever decide to cancel your order for whatever reason, you get 100 percent of your funds. But we need to be clear on this. You only get 100 percent if at the time of your request we have not assigned your order. When you qualify to get back 100 percent of your investment, it is usually a regular refund. We process all Regular Refunds within 5 business days.

It is best to initiate the cancelation process soonest you can. Here are some of the circumstances where you get a full refund:

  • If we are unable for one reason or another to provide a writer who can handle your order. We must say that this is rare.
  • Where you have requested to have your order revised by a different writer or re-written and we have not found a suitable writer. This rarely happens.
  • Where you cancel your order for whatever reason and we have not yet assigned it to a writer.
  • A double charge on your PayPal account.
  • You have placed two identical orders by mistake and have communicated to us before order assignment.
  • Totally dissatisfied with a completed order and have decided to handle the task yourself. Note: you get your payment in full after we have revised your paper (Revisions are FREE) or re-assigned it but you are still not satisfied.

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Refund Policy

What are Quality-based Refunds?      

As the name suggests, you get Quality-Based Refunds when the completed order grossly fails to meet your specific instructions. Normally, our quality assurance department investigates each request and makes a verdict. Where they decide your concerns are valid, you get up to 70 percent of your payment.

More specifically, you get 70 percent if you initiate a refund request after half of the order period has passed. But if you make your request after the order period has ended, you only get 50 percent of the order value. The only time you do not get 100 percent of the order value is when you apply for refund after we have already assigned the order.

That is because once we assign your order to any of our writers, we must pay them. We try our best to keep our writers happy so you can get the most out of your investment.

Other Situations Where You Deserve a Refund

  • Where we processed your order late and you decided not to approve it. In this case, you probably do not need the paper. Obviously, you deserve a full refund and we will swiftly process it.
  • Where the completed order comes past the deadline but you still decide to approve it. In this case, the amount you get back depends on the extent of the lateness. A completed order that gets submitted an hour later than the deadline moves to the next nearest category. For example, a 12-hour order that gets delayed by one hour becomes a 24-hour order. Obviously, a 24-hour order costs less than a 12-hour order. In this case, we refund the price difference.

This refund policy is not a “cast-in-stone” policy. It is subject to revision from time to time. We suggest that you review this policy before placing your order. Every revision intends to make your experience with us smoother and happier.

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Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

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