Reasons Why You Should Never Let Go of Your Dream

22 Sep, 2016


In schools and colleges we are told to dream big and work hard to achieve our goals, but after growing up, we settle down for some of the best-paying jobs leaving behind our dreams. But are you aware of the flip side of the same? The real problem arises when one is ready to face the challenges of the world. We are diverted from our passions and goals to walk the path that has fewer hurdles and social acceptability. We even convince ourselves in the name of responsibilities and lack of time.
Read further so that you realise that if you give up on your dreams, you will pay a higher price than expected.
You’ll be Unhappy and Unsatisfied
We all seek happiness, don’t we? But will you be able to work with utmost satisfaction if you spend all the time wondering “what if..?” Moreover, there is no point of earning thousands of dollars if you are not happy.
You End Up Getting Hired for Fulfilling Others Dreams
Well, it is actually very unfortunate if you leave your dream to fulfil someone else’s. It is extremely thoughtful of you if you help others build their dreams, but make sure you do not do the same by sacrificing your dreams.
You Need to Put a Fake Smile and Pretend to Like Your Life
On the face, you may be looking happy and satisfied, but your inner self will keep reminding you of the things that could have been better or transformations that could have been possible.
Your Work Suffers
Working with a distracted mind can never yield the best results, your work will lack proper attention, and thus, it will never be the best. The reason behind will be the same, your heart and soul are not dedicated to performing the best.
You Start Searching for Solace
When there will be a lot of work and lack of concentration on the work. You will eventually start feeling frustrated and will search for solace in the disgraceful things like alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, etc.
Stop Being the Person You are
The most drastic change noticed in an individual after (s)he ditches the dreams is this one. Although this is an extremely gradual change, but you’ll end up becoming a totally different person.
You Become Aggressive
Well, this happens most of the times when an individual is indulged in something that (s)he does not wish to. Sometimes you’ll also feel quite jealous from the ones who are busy chasing their dreams.
Nothing Nice About Your Work
You’ll never feel that everything is okay at your workplace. Moreover, when someone asks about the status of your work, you’ll end up debating or dumping your frustration on him.
The Worst Possibility
In the worst scenario, you’ll be drowned into the sea of depression and stop dreaming. Therefore, your life will become quite pathetic.
Now, you are aware of the fact that not pursuing your dreams will have disastrous outcomes. Thus, start following your dreams!
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