Qualitative analysis and its contribution to an organization

Qualitative analysis and its contribution to an organization

Qualitative analysis and its contribution to an organization –  MakeMyAssignments Blog

Qualitative analysis is considered to be an analysis of the intangible factors of an organization. These factors do not specifically talk about the numbers of any operations of the organization but are equally important compared to any numbers. Qualitative analysis measure focuses on examining the non-measurable statistics; for instance, this can include the reputation of the brand, customer satisfaction or goodwill of the company.

Under this method, personal judgment is drawn out of some uncountable information, and a certain analysis is done later, which includes the strength of research and development, and expertise in management. There are times when qualitative analysis is used along with the quantitative analysis method to examine the operational system of the organization to evaluate the real potential from the aspect of investment.

Defining Qualitative analysis

Qualitative analysis simply examines the imprecise and intangible aspects that are related to the experimental and social sphere, choosing it against the mathematical concrete calculations. This approach is said to cover a crucial part that cannot be covered by machines. With the help of this approach, an organization can analyze the factors that are almost impossible to calculate in numbers (goodwill, customer satisfaction, brand recognition).

The purpose behind this approach is to keep a track on all the inputs received in order to improve the productivity of the organization. Customers here play a very crucial role in the aspects of growth and success of the organization because the revenue earned by the company majorly comes from its customers.

Qualitative Data- Definition, Types, Analysis and Examples

Methods of Qualitative analysis

The techniques used for data collection under the Qualitative analysis approach includes interviews, observations and other methods that are similar to the ones used in Quantitative analysis method. It also might comprise the use of personal interviews, review of texts and observations.

It is the purpose of your study that determines the method you opt. Some of the significant methods of qualitative analysis include-

Ethnography: It is one of the most commonly used methods employed by professionals to conduct qualitative analysis research. Under this method, the main focus is laid on the environmental factors of the target audience.

This further helps the researcher to understand their cultures, aims, challenges and sources of motivation. Ethnography also tends to deal in with the cultural anthropology method. Under this method, you can conduct a study, where the professionals can look deeply into their culture to have a better understanding of their living.

While conducting research, the person solely depends on the interviews taken and surveys conducted.

Narrative: This approach tends to move forward with a sequence of events. This usually involves the movement from one person to another in order to create a well-combined story. To carry out this method, you can conduct different interviews, study documents, and check out themes if you want.

It is not mandatory for us to arrange all things in a particular sequence; rather, you can develop a story that can be much more narrative. The narrative approach usually helps to create a character out of a story. In order to know more about the culture of the people, you can acknowledge a matching personality and interview the same.

Grounded theory: This theory provides an explanation or the concept about the event. Under this method, you can create a story based on the collected data and information from initial interviews and available documents. To find out themes, you can take help from different techniques and series that deal with axial coding. If you are willing to understand the community of the current users, then this theory is the best option for you.

Qualitative Data Analysis Methods 101: Top 5 + Examples - Grad Coach

Phenomenological: It is one of the most appropriate methods for qualitative analysis approach. Under this study, you can employ a number of methods to understand what is being examined. Methods for this study include reading documents, carrying out interviews, watching videos, and so on. In order to get a proper insight into the motivation of the participant, you can lay your main reliance on the perspective of the participant. To begin with this process, you need to determine a hypothesis.

Case study: This method provides you with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding through a variety of data sources. You can categorize this method into three types descriptive, explanatory and exploratory. With the help of a case study, you can collect all the relevant information related to your subject or topic.

Essentials of qualitative analysis

Qualitative analysis consumes more time in comparison to the quantitative analysis method. It is basically about trusting your instincts and keeping you focused on the facts. The most important factor is what employees feel about the organization and its management? Are they satisfied with their job or not?

These questions are meant to clarify the vital factors about the company, which includes, employee’s loyalty towards their company, and workplace culture of the company. You need to become the person who can develop a rapport easily with people so that they can talk comfortably and more openly. All these elements are said to be an essential factor to consider the qualitative analysis approach.

Qualitative analysis assists you in developing a plan to have improvised strategies for the company and a better style of communication. Practical strategies and clear communication channels are the two most important factors that can contribute well to the growth and success of the organization.



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Qualitative analysis and its contribution to an organization

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Qualitative analysis and its contribution to an organization

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