How can teachers promote technological literacy among students?

How can teachers promote technological literacy among students?


The modern world is characterized by rapid changes, be it in terms of the lifestyle, inventions, education systems or technology. And as global citizens, we need to embrace these changes and adapt ourselves to them in order to live comfortable lives. Technology makes life a lot more easier, and undoubtedly the advantages and benefits of technology outweigh its limitations.

Students can use technology to enhance their academic life, and can also reap its benefits in the future as well. As teachers, it is your duty to help make students aware about the latest technological developments, and to teach them how they can use these for their own betterment. Since as a teacher, you are the only one who can help them in boosting their technological literacy, we teach you some methods and ways in which you can do the same.

Use virtual platforms for teamwork

In order to perform a task effectively, you need to have the values of hard work and team spirit. Teamwork wins games, builds successful empires and businesses and lots more. This is precisely why students are assigned team activities and group tasks in their school, so that they can develop these attributes in themselves.

An excellent method of combining team work skills and technological education together is using virtual platforms for teamwork activities. Students also find this to be especially interesting since it teaches them a lot of things about computers other than gaming.

Make a class group on social networking sites

All schools and academic institutions use social networks to promote their services; and students and parents are also readily available on these platforms. You can effectively use social networks as a medium for classroom communication; and share education related posts and important notices with students through these platforms. This way, students will find that you are easily accessible, and their knowledge will also increase at a good pace.

Ask them to submit a soft copy of their assignments and homework

In contemporary times, the world is becoming paperless and free from handwritten notes, letters, memos, etc. Students also need to match their steps with the modern world, and learn how to work on the computer. You could ask the students to write their academic homework on the computer, which would really improve their technological skills over the period, and teach them how to use important softwares such as MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc.

Maintain a school blog

Many students have an interest in writing, and they also possess a natural flair for the same. Blogs are one of the finest technological tools that teachers can employ to hone the talents and interests of these students. You should definitely start a school blog for the students, and encourage the students to write on topics that interest them. This will help to improve their writing skills, and teach them how to use technology at the same time.

Teach them to write emails

Having the knowledge about writing an email is a must for students. Emails are required when students need to submit assignments or apply for leaves, and of course they are of tremendous importance later on in the professional life of an individual. Thus, you should teach students how to write emails, and encourage them to communicate with one another through emails.


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How can teachers promote technological literacy among students?

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How can teachers promote technological literacy among students?

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