Please write a response to each student disscussion. You need to respond to two students&; initial posts, and each of these responses should be at least 150 words. Joseph Wrote: Of the works of liter

Please write a response to each student disscussion. You need to respond to two students&; initial posts, and each of these responses should be at least 150 words.

Joseph Wrote: Of the works of literature, we have analyzed and discussed, I have taken a liking to Victorian literature. Principles of realism, moralism, and pessimism were common themes of its Era (“Victorian Era..”). Emily Bronte captured the essence of Victorian literature in her novel “Wuthering Heights.” My views on life, of the world and others, are influenced by the emotions I received. Victorian principles made the works of literature simple to reflect on. These principles made it painless to understand and connect with the novel and its characters in a deeper level.

Heathcliff, though ambiguous as he was, was the character I’ve come to grasp the most. Not all children of humble beginnings such as Heathcliff would grow as fine gentlemen. Neglect can hinder them from being good-natured. Ms. Dean explains to Lockwood of Heathcliff’s youth, “Heathcliff was hard to discover, at first. If he were careless, and uncared for, before Catherine’s absence, he had been ten times more so, since” (Brontë, 33). The reality is not much has changed. Abuse and neglect are as regular in the present as it was in the past. For people who have experienced these unjustifiable offenses, right and wrong are difficult to comprehend. How can one identify what is right and wrong, when one only knows what is? These victims, for lack of better word, were not taught any morals; they lived a majority of their life mentally, emotionally, or physically beaten. Once Heathcliff’s only anchor of hope and love, Catherine Earnshaw, broke from his chains, it left Heathcliff to live in a world of pessimism. His despair is what led him to his revenge, which led him to a life of regret. “The entire world is a dreadful collection of memoranda that she did exist, and that I have lost her!” (Brontë, 203)

Sharing a connection with the character is a significant factor in understanding the story. Viewing their lives in a practical rather than ideological perspective strengthens that connection. One can reflect themselves on the character of the story or novel. Hindley Earnshaw is a character that reminded me of my alcoholic uncle during my teen years. My uncle also had a boy, no older than six at the time, who was neglected like Hareton. Like Nelly, I find myself caring for him as well as my four other younger siblings because my mother was carrying four other jobs. Personal reflection brought me closer to the story more than anything else. If one had the same experience as Heathcliff, one would choose no different path than he. For some, love fuels desires that can lead to insanity or despair if not requited. It is the understanding of love and its powers to overcome anything that allowed me to visualize a different ending for Heathcliff. If only then his love was not overshadowed by revenge his life would be different. It is the primal human emotions of love, anger, happiness, and sadness that connects the reader to the character. It is the characters that allow the readers to understand the story.

Brontë, Emily. Wuthering Heights. Wisehouse Classics, 2016.

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Derrick Wrote:

Many of the pieces we have read during weeks 1-5 have social, cultural and political underpinnings and influences. Select one author or one piece of literature we have read thus far and discuss how your own personal experiences, assumptions and predispositions impacted how you read the piece.

Many of the literature we have read, so far in the class has impacted my personal life in some fashion. To be more specific, the piece by Katherine Mansfield, “The Garden Party” brings more meaning to me. The reading has many thematic illustrations, but I will focus on isolation. Isolation was one of the distinctions depicted by Mansfield in the social class. The rich made conscious efforts of isolating themselves from the working class. This was evident when Sheridan’s home is built on the hill, whereas the workers live downhill or the workers installing the tent for the party needing more guidance and received little to no support.

The party itself shows isolation as only the selected guests are expected to attend it. Not in any case does, people from these two distinct social class get to share a common interest. Laura’s mother insists on having the party, instead of mourning or show respect to the Scott family for their loss. The only exception is Laura, who is seen talking to the workers and even visit the grieving family with leftovers from the party. In this case an adult should be the one to attend or show empathy to the Scott’s, but it was left up to a thirteen year old to exercise the basic courtesies giving in times of grieving.

The story relates to my life back in primary school; I happened to attend a private school which admitted people from higher social class as well as the lower level. The children from wealthy families would identify with their one another through family name/status and in so doing they were able to isolate themselves. They saw themselves as unique, and the administration treated them accordingly. Whenever they break school rules, the administrator was lenient and pardon their behavior. The opposite happens to the middle-class students; they got punished accordingly or held responsible for their actions. The overall experience taught me that it does make a difference of one’s last name and where you live. Whether you from uptown or downtown; people will instantly judge you base on where you reside and what level society deem you to be. Some of the parents are trying their best to change the status quo, but just attending the same schools as the rich aren’t enough. For one, the rich can easily tell the middle class from the wealthy through share language, association and contribution.

Work Cited

Mansfield, Katherine. The Garden Party and Other Stories. New York: Alred A. Knopf, 1923. [Eighth Printing].13 March 2018.

Juvanie Wrote: The poem I am going to write about is one that I have written about before. The poem that stuck out to me the most was “We are Seven” by Wordsworth. It stuck with me the most because it shows how older people sometimes want to force their opinions and views on the younger. In this case, the little girl would not budge in what she believed in. It kind of made me upset when reading because the older man was so hooked on trying to get the little girl to believe that there were only five of them instead of seven. A lot of people try to do that today with religion, politics, morals, relationships, etc. For some reason, some people don’t like when someone has a different point of view than they do. I think that is one of the reasons why there is so much violence in the world, because of the conflicting point of views. If people learned to get along and accept people, there would be less hate and fighting. We don’t have to agree with anyone but if what they do doesn’t affect us or anyone else, then let them be.

I have been in this situation when people have tried to change my views about relationships and got upset at what I had to say. I thought it was dumb, to say the least, that someone would get mad at me based on the decisions I made if it had no impact on them whatsoever.


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