What is Plagiarism and how to overcome the issue of Plagiarism?

What is Plagiarism and how to overcome the issue of Plagiarism?



PLAGIARISM is one of the most critical elements in the life of a student that causes stress and anxiety among the students especially when they are writing assignments. Assignment writing is considered as an effective task because by writing plagiarism free assignment, a student can be judged on the basis of his expertise, and in-depth understanding in regard of particular topic or subject.

However, students always fear from making plagiarism free assignment because they don’t want to be charged for plagiarism. As per university standards, almost all the universities will not charge a student for plagiarism till it is within the required limit. Normally a plagiarised paper will have more than 10% content that has been copied directly from other sources and is not referenced.

The universities’ standards exhibits their limits for plagiarism where the paper will not be charged under plagiarism if the paper that doesn’t have references contains less than 10% of copied content, and for the paper that contains references, the limit for copied content is 15%. So in short, what is Plagiarism? As per my interaction with some of the students who came with a query to “make my assignment” or “Assignment help”, one small thing they asked in the beginning that “will my assignment be plagiarism free”?

However, in a deep interaction, I got to know that some of them were not even aware about the meaning of plagiarism. They considered that plagiarism is just that you have to write your assignment on your own, but what if I type my assignment on my own, taking direct references from different sources, then also it is plagiarism. The actual meaning of plagiarism lies in the phrase “on your own”. In actual you must write your assignments in “your own language”.

You can use other author words, you can use material from different sources, or you can use any source, but you must write everything on your own, which is commonly called as “paraphrasing”. The term paraphrasing refers to the writing of assignments in your own language. In here, you can use any material, but you must use your own words. Technically paraphrasing helps you to use any feasible and viable material in your assignments to avoid the problem of plagiarism. Thus, the content must be original which should not be matched with any other content on the web in any form.

No matter if the meaning is same, but the words must be different. For instance, MakeMyAssignments provides the best assignment help service, and its paraphrased form will be- the best assignment help service is provided by MakeMyAssignments. Considering both the sentences, the meaning is same, but the words are different. Most commonly used tools by the universities for assessing plagiarism is Turnitin and Safe assign.

Both consists a vast database where every paper from each university is submitted, and recorded under both the tools along with all the internet sources from which the new paper is compared to assess plagiarism. Turnitin and safe assign, both are “intelligent” software where they do not have any set criteria, they try to correlate with the meanings and the nearby words and phrases used.

They only require that the content should be paraphrased properly, and in case direct quotes are used within the assignment, then the writer must properly reference the sources along with the in-text citation and complete bibliography. Till now, our all customers are so satisfied with our work that they don’t even have any stress with the quality of the work that is provided to them.

Each and every assignment is provided with complete paraphrased content that is referenced efficiently. Moreover, since our writers are well experienced about the various subjects and theories, we use our own expertise to write most of the original content. This is the main reason, that MakeMyAssignments has been a favourable and the most preferred assignment service. We provide plagiarism free assignments at the best prices with high quality content.






What is Plagiarism and how to overcome the issue of Plagiarism?

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What is Plagiarism and how to overcome the issue of Plagiarism?

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