PhD Dissertation process

PhD Dissertation process

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Complete A PhD Dissertation?

A Ph.D. is a doctoral degree, known as “Doctor of Philosophy” degree. Ph.D. is not done particularly in philosophy (unless they select philosophy as their subject in Ph.D.). It involves problems, reason and solution for the problems, thought experiments. A dissertation is an important part of the doctoral study.

It is the last stage required in completing a Ph.D. or any other doctoral degree. A Doctoral’s degree is an advanced degree, which takes more time and dedication. It takes four to eight years of study to complete a doctoral degree, depending on the field of the student. The Dissertation is an independent research work to promote the new ideas and knowledge in your area and should of publishable quality.

It is not necessary to complete your master’s degree, before enrolling in a doctoral degree, but it can surely help you to see if you are ready for your doctoral degree or not? It helps you prepare discipline and the kind of dedication, time and work needed for the doctoral degree. The Ph.D. program is challenging, which come along with the assignments, especially if you are assign with the Ph.D. Dissertation.

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The process of the Dissertation is itself overwhelming. Here we will discuss some points to help you prepare your Dissertation:


The purpose of the thesis is to develop your idea and investigate a problem that has already been studied by using the scientific method. You should write your introduction of dissertation very early, when you submit your research proposal, to set a broad picture of the idea, what you hope to explore and why you want to study on this subject. It adds a flavor to the literature and what you hope to find out.

As you develop your ideas, you should always update your introduction. It helps you to keep your research on track. Break down your introduction in three parts: “what”, “why”, and “how” you examined your research. Mention what your topic is about, explaining the specific questions and the argument that will be stated throughout the dissertation.

Why and How can be combined. It highlights the importance of your research in the academic field. Explain how is your theoretical and methodological approach to the research will be. An interesting introductory sentence can hold the attention of your reader. Don’t try to mention everything in the introduction, but the outline your work and argument. Don’t promise anything in the opening that you can’t deliver later.


Once the university approves your topic, you can choose your faculty chair and dissertation committee, who will guide you throughout your research and finalize the acceptance and publication of your thesis. The university will help you choose the faculty who has an interest in supporting your dissertation topic and are readily available to participate. You can enroll in one-on-one classes of the dissertation with your faculty chair.

This process begins in the second year of your program, concurrent with coursework. While choosing your faculty chair and committee, you should always consider the compatibility with them with similar research interest, Whether the faculty is experienced and committed to advising, directing, helping and working with you. Check out the type of teaching they do and reputation they hold.

The expertise of faculty in your topic will help you identify the difficulties you may encounter as you proceed with your study. They will guide you for analyzing and collecting data through the method of your choice.

Considering accessibility of the chair is a major factor. For example; nationally known scholars might be too busy with their research to give you the time you need. The faculties may differ in concerning their preferences for an analysis method, which comprises the strategy followed in analyzing and collecting data.

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The most challenging and exciting part of your dissertation is the discussion and results section. Depending on your university guidelines and your preferences, you may combine these elements into a single chapter or write them separately. The dissertation includes reporting experiments, quantitative and qualitative survey.

The dissertation data can also be presented in the form of graphs, diagrams, and tables. You must also use words to guide your reader through your research. Explain about the test and why you performed them, how you gathered your data. While writing your results, choose an something interesting, which also shows your experiments supporting your conclusions. Showing some negative results may also help.

Make meaningful comparisons and draw any immediate conclusions. While writing your quantitative studies, describe the samples. Mention for your reader that the hypothesis is tested, explain what you want your reader to get from the data. State about which differences are significant. Don’t forget to mention whether your hypothesis is confirmed, partially confirmed or not confirmed.

As quantitative, your qualitative studies can’t be presented properly in figures and tables. It must be expressed in words, through which you may guide your reader. To make these chapters easy to navigate, you must add heading and subheading, along with the directions to the reader.

For a doctorate dissertation, you don’t need to include everything, but you must include any literature, which is supporting your interpretation of significance. You should write your results in the past tense, as you are describing what you have done in the past. You can choose the order of writing your result by research questions or hypothesis.

In this section, you can also include some slight discussion of your results. It should evaluate the reliability and quality of the results.



It is an oral examination open to the public, in which student presents satisfactory command of all aspects of his/her work submitted and other related subjects to research, to the committee. The student, faculty chair, university representative majority of members must be physically present at the defense.

The defense is must be one hour or more lengthy. You have to submit an announcement of defense to the office of graduate student services two weeks before the defense. The defense can be attended by the committee through online also, with no members physically present on the campus.

To pass, a majority of the committee, chair, and university representative must approve of the defense. The committee voting in the minority can submit a written request to the office of graduate education, to review the decision. They must state the specific reasons. Upon approval, the graduate council undertakes the review of the decision.   In the hectic schedule life of the student, it is hard to take out time, focus and complete the dissertation.


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PhD Dissertation process

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PhD Dissertation process

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