Is Online Education as good as Classroom Education?

Is Online Education as good as Classroom Education?


There is no doubt that online learning is just as good as classroom learning, if not better. This can be claimed with the help of online education or tutorial classes offering focused learning opportunities to students, which enhances the capability of learning among all age groups. According to some reports, students are likely to learn a subject matter if they are offered focused tuition and guidance in the field.

Is Online Education as good as Classroom Education?

Online education has made it possible for students to focus on specific chapters and subjects instead of the overall subject training that they used to get. Pertaining towards the access of internet and digital technology, learning today has become much easier, with many scholars and experts agreeing to this fact that online education is as good as Classroom learning.

But still, there are students who have a concern regarding the online education system and ask, “Is online education as good as classroom education?” The following points will lay more clarity towards the benefits of online education over classroom education:

Growing patterns of Online Education

Online education marked its existence in the year 2002. With its beginning till 2011, a significant number of students enrolled themselves in e-courses. Since then, students feel that online education has become as good as classroom education in nurturing kids. The best part of online education is that it is not confined to any particular section or age group.

Instead, people of all age groups, races, and gender are availing benefits of e-learning; even the working class is using it to upgrade the skills that help them with their jobs. Parents are also trying to understand the benefits of online education and how it is as good as classroom education.

As more parents try to build their confidence and trust in online courses, more students enroll themselves in different online courses as an additional support to their studies. Online education is not only popular among students but is also quite known among the elderly ones.

They are using these online learning tools and services to enhance their learning capabilities and skills. With time people have started gaining confidence in this medium, and it has become quite capable in assimilating knowledge. People across the world have started accepting the concept of online learning, and it is slowly becoming popular among every age group.

Benefits of Online Education for people

There are kids who are not able to attend school regularly because their parents are much confined to those transferable jobs. Therefore, this creates constant hindrance in their studies and learning abilities, as they have to shift from one school to another. Because of this, they come across frequent changes in their study pattern, hence they are not able to concentrate well on their studies.

There are also some kids who are not able to attend school regularly due to certain medical issues and disabilities. Online learning tools and services facilitate all such students to continue their studies as part of online education. Most of the adult students these days prefer to pursue a job instead of continuing their studies. So for them, online learning has turn out to be the best and easiest option for studying.

When we talk about online education being the same as classroom education, we also here talk about the assignments and exams given to them. Even some universities have started offering online courses to students on their official websites. This has come out to be the most successful and useful way of learning, as it is not restricted to any geographical boundaries.

Online education benefits all in various ways, including no time constraints, easy access to study material, no need to attend classes, and affordability as well. There is no age bar to learn if you have the willingness to acquire knowledge on a new subject or topic. However, aged people find it difficult enough to adjust themselves in a regular classroom setup.

So for the elderly ones, online education has come out to be the best alternative to pursue learning. They can choose any online course available on the internet. It helps them to keep mentally engaged as well. Gradually with time, they’ve started realizing that this is an ultimate medium to enhance and upgrade their knowledge and skills. It has become the most convenient option available to them, as they do not have to go anywhere else to attend classes.

Is Online Education as good as Classroom Education?

Advantages of online education

More affordable:

One of the essential aspects of online learning is its affordability. Online courses offered to students are quite cheap as compared to regular classroom education. In this way, students are able to find online education just as good as classroom education at a very affordable cost.

Convenient and flexible learning:

Online learning is available for people across all age groups. Through online learning, students get the opportunity to learn and study as per their own time schedules. Online courses usually do not come with any fixed timetables or time constraints.

Online courses are basically hour-based, and these hours depend upon the intensity of the subject and topic.  For the online learning process, students are not forced to attend classes as they can learn things from the comfort of their homes. The experience of online learning is just as good as classroom learning.

Skills improvement is the focus:

Online courses are usually completed in a short period of time. With the help of such courses, online teachers are able to upgrade their skills that can later help them increase their demand in the market. All of these tutors have great experience in their fields and can feed the students with much more information whenever they require. With the help of practical tests and assessments offered by online courses, students can also refine and develop their skills to perform better in their jobs.

Updated curriculum:

Under the on-campus education process, curriculums are not updated regularly. Any sort of updates in the syllabus or process takes some time to reach students. But, in the online learning method, any updates regarding the process comes into effect immediately.

Disadvantages of Online education

Accreditation is not assured:

Concerned universities are not accrediting some of the online courses, and this comes out to be a major drawback. Is online education as good as classroom education, if students are not getting any valid certification from an accredited university?

Lack of personal interaction:

Teachers and students lack one on one communication on this platform. Although there’s an option of video conferencing available to them, it still lacks a face to face intervention feature. At times there are situations when students are not able to understand a few topics of a subject due to lack of personal interaction.

More self-dependent for performing tasks:

Students have to majorly depend on themselves to perform a task or study online. Understanding any critical topic without much external assistance creates difficulties for students in learning.




Is Online Education as good as Classroom Education?

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Is Online Education as good as Classroom Education?

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