Mistakes that you often make in your Essay

Mistakes that you often make in your Essay

Mistakes that you often make in your Essay – MakeMyAssignments Blog

Essay writing is a general short piece of content that outlines the writer’s story or perspective, with a one-sided argument format. It also often sounds similar to an article, a story or a paper, based on its type and context. Do you know that the word essay is derived from a Latin word called ‘Exagium,’ which roughly tries to represent one’s case.

In simpler terms, we could say that essays help us present our own experiences, thoughts, and stories. Representing themselves as one side of the argument, they often come in the form of personalized nature. Essays can be either formal or informal. Academic essays follow the formal pattern, tackling more serious issues and concerns.

Most of the students find it difficult to complete an essay because of the complexities involved in the process. Therefore, they either go for the assignment writing service or look for the tricks on the internet that can help them make their essay look better.

Remember, in order to make your essay look more desirable and perfect; you need to find the most common mistakes made in your essay so that you can avoid them.

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Mistakes that you often make in your Essay

Here, we have provided a few mistakes that students often make while writing an essay; this can surely help in writing a great essay.

Inappropriate Introduction and Conclusion

The starting paragraphs of your essay should grab the attention of the readers with just one look, or else there’s no use of it. So make sure that your introduction part is impressive enough that it makes the readers more fascinated towards your essay. In order to maintain the consistency, from the beginning till the end, your conclusion should be equivalently captivating.

Inappropriate title

The first thing that the readers read in your essay is the title. And if that title itself does not speak about the content included in your essay, then it is of no use. So make sure that your title is appropriate enough to grab the first attention of your readers.

Improper page layout, format or presentation

It is not just the content that requires your attention in an essay; you should always focus on your presentation part as well. Presentation, layout and format are equally important to an essay as compared to the content included in it.

Unconnected paragraphs

Managing the flow of your content from section to section is the next most important thing to endure. Your paragraphs need to be connected in a manner that creates an engagement amongst the readers. Different sections of your essay need to be presented independently, highlighting the significance of each topic. The last sentences of a paragraph, should either attach meaning or prompt relatedness for the upcoming paragraphs.

Grammatical mistakes

Your tenses need to be managed perfectly in your essay, as a switch in tense might change the flow and meaning of the sentence. Inconsistent grammatical mistakes should be avoided in writing, as this can disturb the overall outlook and message of your essay.

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Punctuation errors

While writing an essay, we often make the same mistake of missing out some of the important punctuation that can actually make the interface look more better. This can also create a type of misunderstanding among readers while reading the content.

Inappropriate or missing references

Students often get confused during the time of references, as they cannot identify the relevant ones from the bundle. Further, they do include those important facts in their essay but forget the relevant references that are needed to support their argument. This also increases the chance of your work being obliged to plagiarism that lacks authorization.

Spelling mistakes

If the paper is not appropriately revised, then there are more chances of spelling errors in your work. So to avoid those errors, all you need to do is revise your paper properly before final submission.

Incomplete sentences

In order to maintain the flow of writing, it is essential for a student to make sure that the sentences convey meaning and are wordy enough to make the readers understand it. Keep a check on your work and proofread it carefully while writing, as incomplete sentences would do no good for grabbing the attention of your readers.

Writing long and complicated sentences

Readers generally prefer to read short and meaningful sentences, as long sentences can confuse the readers. Try to be more crisp and clear with your work.

Contradictory statements

It would be best if you always were careful about including information in your essay, as any sensitive or inconsistent information can lead to contradictory affirmation.


Mistakes that you often make in your Essay – MakeMyAssignments Blog


Mistakes that you often make in your Essay

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Mistakes that you often make in your Essay

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