Importance of Mechanistic and Organic Organizational Structure

Importance of Mechanistic and Organic Organizational Structure


In this article we would be discussing about the benefits and importance of mechanistic organizational structure and organic organizational structure. Both of these organizational structures are completely opposite to each other. These are two ‘Independent Variables’ which may directly cause differences in the management system.

Organic structure is not hierarchic in the same sense as mechanistic, they remain stratified. Organic organizational structural stresses on decentralized of management authority. It provides an opportunity to subordinates to participate in decision making with their unique and innovative ideas. It brings out the most efficient way to perform the roles, responsibilities and power of the management.

It helps in controlling and managing the coordination between different levels and department of management in the organization. It enables the company to perform and implement better procedures in the organizational structures. Furthermore, it is highly flexible and adaptive in accordance to the changing environment. It makes tasks and roles less rigid, and enables people to adjust as per requirement of different situations.

Best assignment help service from at affordable prices Mechanistic organizational structural stresses on centralization of management authority.  It provides centralized power to the top level management. Here, different commands and information are flowing from top level management to subordinate level management. It grants responsibility to subordinates on any misconduct of their immediate superiors.

If any, damage or fraud is conducted in the company by the immediate superior (of the subordinates) then, subordinates will be liable to compensate for the same. This provides every subordinate to perform their activities or task at the best of their knowledge and with utmost efficiency. In this type of organization work is being distributed among the employees by analyzing their efficiency and specialization in order to perform tasks.

For example at Make My Assignments, the assignment help service provided by us is typically based on Mechanistic Organizational Structure. Importance of organic organizational structure is being discussed as follows:

Amenable in vigorous environment

It provides flexibility which is very advantageous for an organization. It focuses on determining jobs, but these jobs are not rigorous and can be changed any time as per the requirements of the organization. In this fast changing environment, this feature provides organization to be updated and keep up with the present environment.

Employees focus more on problem solving

Success in an organization begins with two ingredients: people and knowledge. The Leader should be enabled to provide such an environment which encourages employees helping in problem solving methods.

Optimum coordination between employee resultant great feeling team works

Organic organizational structure emphasizes to work in a team with in the interest of common cause. On the basis of different nature, the work is divided into different categories and assigned to a team which is able to perform that task in the most efficient manner. With the help of mutual support and coordination, employees work together to accomplish the common goals of the organization.

Enhance timely readiness

In this structure, employees are trained and are entrusted to handle various problems independently. Since employees are entitled to perform their specific jobs individually. Thus, it helps organizations to have efficiency in their working management. Furthermore, it entitles the organization to achieve their goals on time with the utmost efficiency in the performance of an individual.

Importance of mechanistic organizational structure is being discussed as follows:

Quick decision making and immediate implementation

As we know so far that in mechanistic organization, there is no role played by the subordinates in decision making, only the top level management is entitled to get involved in decision making. It does not need any consult with lower level management (subordinates) in decision making. Therefore, it provides a structure enabling organizations to make its decision faster. Furthermore, enables an organization to implement its decision within a short span of time.

Management instructions are necessary to be followed

In mechanistic organizational structure; it is the top level management which sets up the instructions. It provides certain set of rules and guidelines to its employees. These rules and guidelines are very much necessary for employees to adhere while performing specified activities.

Helps in minimizing the supervising cost

In mechanistic organization structure work is being divided among different employees as per their specialization in the respected field. It means that the right person is assigned to the right job at the right time. All the employees are expected to perform the given task to the best of their knowledge and capacity.

Efficient workforce management

Mechanistic organization is a bureaucratic form of organizational structure. In this type of organization it provides certain regulations, rules, working systems and policies. In this system, there is a systematic chain of commands which flows from top level management to the subordinate level.


This enables managers of mechanistic organization structure to manage the organization in the most efficient manner. In the organization, behavior of employees working in organization and their interaction towards each other showcase the quality of structure prevailing in the organization. If the structure of an organization is rigid, not fit for changing environment and complicated to understand. Then the business of the organization will lead to many problems in present or in the coming future.

This may result to dispute among employees or different department and lack of communication among different departments in the same organization. If we follow up correct procedural structure as discussed above, then it provide an organizational structure in the most efficient manner. Furthermore, by following up the correct structure will enable organizations to accomplish and achieve its objectives or goals on time every time.




Importance of Mechanistic and Organic Organizational Structure

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Importance of Mechanistic and Organic Organizational Structure

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