The education system present in the USA offers many choices to every student, whether a domestic student or an international student. Before you go and search for a school or university for yourself, you need to understand the education system present in the USA. The educational structure of the USA THE PRIMARY AND THE SECONDARY SCHOOL Before studying for any higher education or graduation, a student needs to attend the primary and the secondary school. at the age of 5 or 6 a student enters in the primary school and after the age of 6, he or she enters in the secondary school. Both of the schools take 12 years of a student to complete the education. The secondary school is divided into two programs, the first is “middle school” it is also known as “Junior High School” and the second program is “High School”. when you graduate from the high school, a certificate or a diploma certificate is awarded. After you have completed your graduation from the high school, you can now apply to college or university for graduating in the higher education. The study in the college or the university is termed as “Higher Education”. The grading system in the USA The official documents of your academic work are called academic records. These records include your grades and grade point average (GPA). These are considered as the measurements of your academic accomplishment. Each and every subject in your education is graded using percentage. The percentage is later converted into grades. The grading system of the USA is a little complex. Foreign students should note the following points: You need to find that education system in your own country which meets the standards of the education system of the USA. Due to this, getting an admission in US college, school or university will be easier. Keep a tab on the admission requirements of the college and universities of the USA. You also need to pay attention to the individual degree programs as some programs can require some special requirements in order to get an admission. You should often meet a guide or a consultant or advisor which can assure you that you are going on the right track. Academic year of a student The academic year in many schools is divided into “semesters”. Some schools have a three-term semester system which is called as a “trimester” system. Still, there are other schools which further divides a year into the section system of four terms, together with an elective summer session. Fundamentally, if we strike out the summer session, the academic year of a student in the USA consists of either two semesters or three-quarter terms. I hope this article has helped you understand the education system of the USA. This article is written by our assignment expert at Make My Assignments. For any Assignment Help contact us.

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