Importance of yoga in a student’s life

Importance of yoga in a student’s life


Being a student in today’s world is not easy. A student has a thousand anxieties and thoughts that continuously worry him. He or she has to finish homework, complete assignments, prepare for exams, work in part time jobs and also constantly try to improve performance in academics. It is natural for the mind and body to get tired and exhausted under such circumstances.

Consequently, schools and colleges have made it compulsory for students all around the world to enroll in some or the other programme that helps to reduce their mental pressure and relaxes them. Yoga programs are one such step in this direction.

Yoga helps the body to relax and soothes the mind. In addition, it makes the body more flexible and keeps one healthy. It also increases concentration power, and helps students to perform better in class. Meditation and yoga generate positive vibes in the body, and this is why so many people around the world advocate practicing this daily. Here is how yoga is extremely beneficial for students:

Helps to de-stress

High expectations from family as well as peer pressure cause stress and anxiety amongst youngsters, and yoga is an excellent way to eliminate this pressure. It keeps the mind fresh, and keeps depression at bay.

Improves concentration

It is scientifically proven that yoga increases the concentration power in students, and thus helps them to focus better. This has positive impacts on their academic life, and is a contributing factor to improving grades in school.

Provides physical strength

Yoga rejuvenates the entire body, and improves blood circulation in the muscles. It aids digestion, corrects posture and fights lethargy. In short, yoga increases the physical strength in the body, and makes one capable of performing physical activities with ease.

Helps in managing body weight

Obesity and difficulty in breathing are some problems that are often reported by youngsters. Yoga stretches the muscles of the body, and therefore helps in the management of one’s body weight. If one actually tries to go on and list the benefits of yoga, the list would never end. This is how wonderful a miracle yoga is!


This is perhaps not only Indians, but a lot of foreigners have started to show keen interest in this ancient practice. People have started to realize the wonderful positive effects that daily yoga offers, and this is also why yoga is being actively promoted in schools and colleges by parents, teachers as well as the government.


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