How to write your RESUME effectively?

How to write your RESUME effectively?

A resume is considered as a summary of all relevant education, experiences, professional  skills and  various accomplishments which are relevant to the desired field of work. The purpose of  a resume is  to get one’s “foot in the door” in order  to get through an interview. Resume highlights persons accomplishments to show  potential employers that the person is qualified for the said position.

How to write your RESUME effectively?

The resume is not a biography of things which one has done. The average time which is spent reviewing a resume is generally 12-15 seconds. For preparing a successful resume one  needs to review, summarize and present his/her experiences and achievements in an effective manner.

Write my resume | Make My Resume The two page resume is not necessary unless the person has considerable experience. It is important that, the resume  should  be very brief and concise. The resume should be focused on a person’s qualifications and his transferable skills, and  should suggest future contributions that a person can make to the employer.

The resume should  be up-to-date, so it should be rewarded and reprinted as often as necessary, it is considered as a good idea to get resume updated  every time  a  person has new accomplishment or credential. Resume  serves as an  initial contact with the employers and is the most important item in determining whether a person will obtain a call for interview or not.

A resume is a brief “advertisement” of persons skills, knowledge, and various relevant experience. If a person is seeking position across industries, the person should make several versions of his resume specific  for each  job position which person  is seeking. The resume should emphasize on candidate’s strong points, expressing his uniqueness and individuality.

How to write your RESUME effectively?

Therefore, the resume should be presented by the candidate himself clearly, succinctly, and confidently. Suggestions should be used to develop  a resume and  various samples should be consulted  to gather ideas. One page is considered as the most appropriate length, because most candidates lack sufficient levels of experience for two pages. However, individuals who have added experiences and degrees  need a two-page resume for presenting  relevant details adequately.

Length of resume  may  vary by  various career fields. For a first-year student, it is appropriate for him to include all information from  high school years in a resume. As a person continues to grow professionally and starts gaining experiences which demonstrate more relevance to  particular career field, a person can omit items which are outdated and are no longer  highlighting person’s current abilities.

It is recommended  that the  information about high school years should be omitted from  professional resume by the time one begins his junior years. Most employers  want a clear and a career-specific objective on candidates résumé A resume is a guiding statement which helps them to direct candidates résumé to  the appropriate person, for obtaining appropriate jobs, along with giving  résumé a focus.

The resume should be  short and should provide succinct description of  the type of position which a person is currently seeking. It is considered best if candidates’  goals are well defined  for an objective. The most difficult task while writing  objective is balancing candidate’s statements between being too specific and  broad.


How to write your RESUME effectively?

There are three types of  resume formats which can be chosen: chronological, functional, and combination.


It organizes information within the sections in the reverse chronological order .This is most commonly used format, considered beneficial if the candidate has progressive experiences in  type of position which a person is seeking.

How to write your RESUME effectively?


It organizes information in chronological order within the functional categories. An effective way is to separate different type of experiences a candidate has, like “Marketing Experience” and “Arts Experience”. This type of format allows  to include relevant positions closer in a person’s resume, even if he has done  less relevant position recently.

How to write your RESUME effectively?


It organizes information “functionally” in various types of skills, qualifications, experiences and accomplishments. It de-emphasizes on dates and highlights various transferable skills rather than other work history. It is grouped into various categories like “Leadership,” “Technical” and “Interpersonal”. Work History is listed separately and  includes position, employer, location.


Very often one inch margin all around is recommended to keep resume from being cluttered with text. Use of plain typeface, like Arial or Times New and Roman should be made . Also, the font size should be between 10 to 12 points. Headings and  name can be emphasized with use of  larger font size. Consistent spacing should be used throughout the resume for  a pleasing presentation.

How to write your RESUME effectively?

Elements of an effective resume are:








How to write your RESUME effectively?

Various items that should be a part of resume are:  

1. Name:  Resume should start with candidate’s NAME  and  his complete contact information (address, phone and email address).

2. Certifications: There should be a list of professional certifications or licenses.

3. Education: Summarized  education in reverse order, it should start with  last degree or place where the candidate is working  now, Including school name, city, state, degree, date of degree  honored along with GPA only if it is 3.0 or higher.

4. Courses: To tailor a  resume according to  specific job it should include lists of relevant courses.

5. Honors/Awards/Activities:  achievements like scholarships, Dean’s List, contribution  in clubs, camps, sports etc. should be highlighted.

6. Research: Special projects or research of significant relevance should also be highlighted .Like, various research projects, independent study,  presentations, research papers.

How to write your RESUME effectively?

7. Experience: experience, regardless of how it was acquired it  is usually of great interest to the reader. For each position, it should include: Job Title:(which should be followed by date of employment), Employer, City, State.

Emphasize  either employers or the job titles, but it should be consistent. Describe the responsibilities, various duties and accomplishments,  using list format along with the  bullets.

8. Skills:  they are of great interest to employers. They  indicate the computer hardware and software knowledge along with  fluency in acquired foreign languages and other technical skills.

9. Interests: List interests, but only if a candidate has real knowledgeable about something or is very good at it.

10. Affiliations: List of  professional or the volunteer affiliations or memberships (if applicable).

How to write your RESUME effectively?



How to write your RESUME effectively?

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How to write your RESUME effectively?

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