How to write Biology Assignment

How to write Biology Assignment


Biology can be very challenging and is a vast subject, includes the study of life and living organism, evolution, and distribution, such as different species, plants, animals, insects, and algae. Biology is more of a practical rather than theoretically based assignments, as it is more related to practical research about the living organism’s cell, cell transformations, and other areas.

How to write Biology Assignment

Biology requires lots of dedication and discipline. When is comes to write a biology assignment, it is comprised of lots of research and writing. Students must have a sound knowledge of the subject and topic. Good writing skills can improve your work and help you earn good grades. There are some basic guidelines, to complete your biology assignment on time and efficiently.

Be Precise and Credible

For biology assignments, it is important to have accurate and reliable knowledge of research and facts. Make sure you know all the facts and the related theory of the topic of the assignment. Make notes of important components and points you need to be related to the assignment.

Make a list of how to structure the information in each section. For more details, use good quality references such as specialised scientific books and journals. Scientists themselves write books and articles so reading them will help you in maintaining high standards in scientific literature. You can ask your tutor to refer you some good authors.

How to write Biology Assignment

 Research originality

The originality of the research is vital. Originality is the product of the researcher’s work and new ideas. Taking knowledge from someone else’s research and adding your new ideas to them also count as original, but only if the researcher can convince his/her new ideas. You can use few diagrams and figures to convey the information more accurately.

Only the most pertinent information should be used to support your argument. Before paraphrasing material from the references, make sure that the sources are fully acknowledged, it will be helpful to seek the help of your lecturer in this, discuss it with other students before preparing your piece of work.

  Style and structure

Using the proper style and structure is essential for writing an assignment. Make sure your work is easy to read and follow. To make the paper readable, use the proper fonts such as Times, Geneva, Bookman, etc. text should be double spaced from the lines above and below with 1-inch margins. Start each new section on the new page.

Avoid mistakes like placing heading at the bottom of the page. Restrict each figure or table in a single page. Use paragraphs to separate important points. Indent first line of each and every paragraph. Use active voice to report well-accepted facts and passive voice to describe the results. Include figures that are necessary to present results.

How to write Biology Assignment

You can subdivide your work into the following sections:

Title (Describing the content of the paper)

The title should be at the center of the page. The title should not be italicized and underlined. Use informative titles that accompany the content and examples written in your assignment. For example, the organism used, the molecule studied, the treatment, the response measured, etc.

Abstract (Summary of the paper)

The summary is written, at the end of the article. Abstract include the logic behind the study, results, approach to the problems and critical questions or conclusions. You can keep it condensed by using words that serve more than one purpose, such as methods, type of analysis and the overall problem.

How to write Biology Assignment

Introduction (Importance and problems discussed)

The introduction should not exceed two pages. The purpose of the introduction is to enlighten the reader with the reason behind the work. Describe the importance and worth of the study, with the intention of defending it. Why this particular system was used and what are its advantages? State the specific objective or hypothesis.

Methods (Solution to the problems)

To be particular, present methods under heading for specific procedures. Mention how procedures were done instead of how they were performed. Always use passive voice sentences. Methods are not a set of instructions. Leave all the explanatory background and information.

How to write Biology Assignment

Results (Present your findings)

The purpose of writing results is to perform and display your findings. Convert your analyzed data in the form of the table, figure or the text form. Describe the results of experiments and include observations, presented in the table, figure, if required, don’t discuss or report background information for your results. Text written should complement your figures and tables.

Discussion (Interpretation of your results)

This section is to support your conclusions, by using the evidence from your experiments. You can suggest future methods such as how the test can be modified to achieve another objective. Mention the work done by the particular individual or by yourself in the passive voice and principle and accepted facts in the active voice.

How to write Biology Assignment

Acknowledgement (Resources used)

Acknowledgement is the last section of the assignment, listing all the references you cited in the text, with the corresponding references. The references cited should be given in the alphabetical listing.


How to write Biology Assignment

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How to write Biology Assignment

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How to write Biology Assignment

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