How to Write an Assignment in MLA Format? Useful Tips to Consider

11 Tips to Frame Your Assignment in MLA Format

How to Write an Assignment in MLA Format? Useful Tips to Consider

26 Jun, 2019


How to Write an Assignment in MLA Format? Useful Tips to Consider

MLA or Modern Language Association has some set of rules and regulations that every student needs to follow while writing an assignment in that format. MLA is considered as one of the major writing styles used in academic writing. So, if you have also been asked to submit your assignment in MLA style, then you must read the following blog to know the basic tips to make your assignment perfect.

Tips on How to Write an Assignment in MLA Format:

1. MLA Heading and Instructions

While creating the MLA header for your assignment, write it in the following manner –

Write your full name.
Then, position your name one-inch from the top left margin of the page.
Add double space and then write your instructor’s name.
Now, write the name of your course and enrollment number.
After that write the due date of the assignment.
Now, add double-space and then write the title of the assignment. Keep it at the center of the page.

Note: The title should be written in a standard format that means no underline, bold, or any quotation marks.
The following is the example of MLA header for an assignment –

Professor XYZ

Math 105

27 July 2019

Tips to Write an Assignment in MLA Format

2. Running Head and Page Number

It is a brief heading that is placed at the top right corner of the page. It consists of the last name of the writer followed by the page number. For example:

Williams 2
(write it keeping half-inch margin from the top and one-inch margin from the right)

NOTE: Never write p. before the page number.

3. Margins

Use a 1-inch margin around the entire page of the assignment. Doing so will make the document look more clear.

4. Paragraphs

Indent the first sentence of every paragraph.
Sentences of every paragraph should always begin with one-inch margin from the left.
There must be a double-space between each paragraph.

5. Quotations

Our experts always suggest adding quotations in the assignment. They are used to defend an argument or to prove a point.
Remember, do not use quotes throughout the assignment. You can only use it when it’s needed. Apart from this, you can also use direct quotes to expand your own writing and ideas. Make sure to give credit to the individual work.
You can add quotes using the following three ways:

With the writer’s name in the heading. For example:

ABC Williams shares a glimpse…
Without the name of the writer in the sentence, means writing the name in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. For example:
A story…end (ABC Williams)

Write the name in a block-quote. This is used only when a large quote of 4 or more lines are added. For example, if there are multiple author’s then, it is better to use footnotes and endnotes.

6. Spacing

Whenever you write an assignment in MLA format, then it must always include double-space lines either it be a title, reference page, main body, heading or anything.

7. Font Size and Font

You can write an assignment in any of the font styles, but the most preferred styles are Arial and Times New Roman. So, you must use this style so that the reader can easily identify the difference between italicize and regular font. When it comes to font size, then 12 pt is the preferred one.

8. Punctuation

Use punctuation in the following manner –

Comma: Use it when it makes sense for the individual to pause.
Quotes: While using a quote in the assignment, always make sure to place the period outside the parentheses.
Concluding Sentences: Whenever your sentence is closed with a punctuation mark, then the next sentence always starts with a single space.

9. Works Cited MLA Format

Citation is the most important part of assignment writing as it clearly defines the authenticity of the document. So, always be careful while citing your work.

The citation list should be placed on the last page of an assignment.
At the top of the paper, include running head and the final page number.
Write the entries in alphabetical order.
Put double space between the entire page.

If you do not know how to cite assignment properly, then just visit this blog. It will be very helpful for you to get a clear idea of citation and referencing.

10. Proofreading and Editing

Proper editing and proofreading is very important to make the assignment flawless. So keep the following things in mind:
Check the whole assignment properly to ensure that you have to use the words in a proper manner. Use Grammarly to re-check the grammatical errors, but always read the sentence before accepting the changes.

Check whether all the spellings are written correctly. You can also use a spell checker to check the spelling mistakes, but, remember not to accept the changes blindly.

Check whether the punctuation is used properly in every sentence. One wrong usage of punctuation completely change the meaning of the sentence, so check the punctuation carefully.

11. Submission

Read the guidelines properly before submitting the assignment. Each and every professor needs an assignment in a different manner. Some of them prefer hard copies, while some need a word document. So, always make sure to read the guidelines carefully and submit the assignment according to it.


Final Thought !!!
Formatting an assignment in MLA format is not an easy task. But, with the help of above-mentioned tips, it will be no more a difficult task for you. If still there is some issue regarding the MLA format that is stopping you from completing your assignment, then do not panic and seek assignment help online from our experts. They will definitely help you to lessen your burden.






How to Write an Assignment in MLA Format? Useful Tips to Consider

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How to Write an Assignment in MLA Format? Useful Tips to Consider

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