How to write an analytical essay

How to write an analytical essay

Analytical Essay Writing: Complete Practical Guide

Analytical essays provide a way to share your insights by providing substantive analysis about a historical event, work of literature or scientific study. It also provides a writer with the opportunity to present an argument concerning what is being analyzed (especially a film/ piece of writing/ issue/ idea)

Purpose of writing an analytical essay

  1. It helps in development of students into proficient writers by improving their writing skills and enhancing their comprehension of particular topics
  2. It also helps readers make sense of the news of the day. This is because writers educate their fellow citizens on the historical and current issues related to art, politics, culture, economics, architecture and other important subjects

Analytical essays vs. Descriptive essays

Analytical essays share a similarity with descriptive essays in that they both provide insights concerning a given topic of concern and hence are easily mistaken for each other. There however is a distinct difference between the two in that analytical essays present an argument, support it by making use of evidence from the film/ text itself or by research carried out by individual then delve into its interpretation.

A descriptive essay on the other hand acts like a summary or film synopsis and hence does not include opinions and any kind of analysis. It simply highlights the main points, organizes them into paragraphs and makes use of logical transitions to summarize facts.


How to write an analytical essay

How to Write an Analysis Essay: Examples + Writing Guide

Main points to guide you as you write your analytical essay

  1. Choose a point of view

Before you begin your research and writing process, you should come up with a single thesis statement along which the essay shall be anchored. Make sure your thesis is neither vague nor obvious. It should however be arguable and narrow to fit scope of assignment.

  1. Brainstorm

Look for the most repeated metaphors, phrases and imagery as you carry out your research as they most probably present the most vital information

  1. Come up with an introductory paragraph

Start with a hook, for instance, a rhetorical question to engage the reader’s interests. You can as well provide general context concerning the subject being analyzed then outline the questions that will be tackled in your analysis. You should then conclude this part by stating the thesis statement which will act as a guide for the whole context of the essay.

  1. Organize the body of the essay

You can first outline your ideas which will help you figure out how your arguments should progress. This whereby you also figure out what to talk about under each idea. You can then expound on the specific topics keeping in mind the main goal of the essay which is to support the thesis statement stated earlier on in the introductory paragraph.

For every claim you make, ensure that you present evidence to support it and then explain how the evidence relates to your claim. Make sure to provide background information concerning the ideas being expounded on and provide enough details in their account. Make sure to also look into contrasting points of view. Support all contrasting claims with quotes or paraphrasing to prove their validity.

Also you quote precise words, ensure that you use the correct form of quotation depending on whether you are using MLA, APA or Chicago style. Do not quote from two or more passages per paragraph. If you need to quote large pieces of text, it is more advisable to make use of paraphrasing in place of direct quoting for the purpose of keeping length of the paragraph into consideration.

How to Write the Best Analytical Essay?

How to write an analytical essay

  1. Come up with clear topic sentences to support the thesis statement

For the ideas that have been previously expounded on. The topic sentence will be the opening statements of the paragraphs to be written hence they should be informative.

  1. Populate essay with evidence from both primary and secondary sources

Collect solid evidence from all available sources to back up the information you provide in each paragraph of the body. Primary sources of this information include the film/text you are working on while secondary sources are books, journals and other articles. Do not twist or ignore evidences from whichever source to fit your thesis statement, instead, adjust your thesis statement to a more nuanced position as you continue gathering more information.

  1. Provide space for contrasting opinions

Make your arguments stronger by acknowledging and presenting the contrasting point of view then refuting it with sufficient evidence and reasoning

  1. Summarize the essay in a concluding paragraph

In this paragraph, do not present any new ideas nor evidence. Just put a bow on the entire essay so as to give the reader a satisfying reading experience. Also, remind the reader of the most important points as expressed in the essay and leave them with a few final words for them to put into consideration. In addition, you could state how your argument could change the view of the reader of your essay.

  1. Proofread your essay to check for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors

Since such mistakes could lower your grades as students, it is important go through your work making the necessary corrections. You should also ensure that your essay is formatted in the right manner as instructed, for instance use the right font type and size, correct margins among other instructions that could have been provided by the lecturer. You could as well make use of online essay checkers which get the job done for you in a quick and more efficient manner as they can detect and correct mistakes that you could easily ignore.

  1. Ask a friend or relative to read your paper

This is a very important step that most people ignore. This is because the person you present with your paper could have important insights to share with you as feedback. They could provide you with new and useful ideas to incorporate in your essay or they might suggest that you discard others that make little or no sense being in the essay.

How to Write Great Analytical Essay - Complete Guide - Peachy Essay


How to write an analytical essay

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How to write an analytical essay

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