How to write a sociology paper

How to write a sociology paper

when it comes to how to write a sociology paper, it is important to first understand the meaning of sociology and all that is entailed in it. Sociology is the study of people and their relations within the society. A sociology research paper is therefore a report written based on analysis based from a piece of text, statistical work or interview that was done.

It is advisable to make use of different sources of information, that is both primary and secondary sources, so as to obtain enough evidence to back up your ideas as you present them in your research paper.


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It is important to apply multidisciplinary approach when preparing to write your research paper.

If the topic of research is not provided unto you by your professor, then it is important to come up with your own. Below are tips on how to come up with a good topic for your sociology research paper.

  • Come up with a topic that is new to you as this presents you with an opportunity to learn new things. You could as well choose to defend a controversial claim. .
  • Choose a topic that is manageable whereby it is not too broad that you cannot manage to cover it, and neither should it be too narrow that it has less than enough details to present
  • Pick a topic you have an interest in. This makes it easier to research about the topic and conceive ideas relevant to the topic to be discussed in your paper.

How to approach the writing process of a sociology research paper.

It is important to plan your project before you start writing your research paper. Below are some tips on how you can make you writing process easier and to run smoothly:

  • Begin by thinking through the topic provided, for instance you can come up with a working thesis to guide you on what your research paper will revolve around.
  • Make a list showing all the steps to be undertaken before writing the paper for instance when the actual research will be done for the sake of information gathering, when you plan to begin putting your findings down into writing and the like. Also ensure that you allocate each step enough time for completion.
  • Create an outline listing all ideas that cross your mind in connection with the topic in question
  • Put your ideas in clear elaborate paragraphs as you continue conceiving them, despite whether it does not begin with the introduction part.



Structure of the research paper

Basic elements of a research paper (or any academic paper) | Research  paper, Research writing, Research skills


  1. Introduction

Here, make a point of stating the problem you intend to resolve. Also give a brief description as to why addressing this problem is important and the implications that could come as a result of solving it. One can as well oppose or support a well known social problem that seems to be essential.

  1. Literature Review

In this part, ensure that you provide the audience with an overview of  the research carried out on the topic of concern. The literature review can be written in any one of the following ways:


  • By making use of a chronological approach to present your information, in case you are writing a research paper concerning social change
  • By organizing the project by methods used, in case you are writing a paper to critique methods used by previous researcher to find information concerning a particular topic
  • By making use of a thematic approach to build a theory about another existing one.
  • By arguing that the already existing theory does not explain your findings properly, whereby you are expected to give a brief description of the existing studies relevant to the topic you are addressing, explaining that if the findings were correct, they would result to a certain specific result.
  1. Analysis of literature used in research

Make sure to incorporate findings of other scientists and express it as your own research when elaborating this part

  1. Discuss methodology

Here, provide details concerning how you collected the information that you are going to expound on in your paper. You can also explain why you chose that particular method to do your research work. Provide the reader with information about the people you interviewed for instance state their ages, gender, field of specialization and location if relevant to your research giving reasons why you chose that particular group of persons as your source of information. You can as well mention some limitations you faced when dealing with the methods you used to gather information. This is meant to give your work some validity and originality.

  1. Discuss outcomes

Present data you actually gathered to the readers by making use of tables and graphs to ensure that you have a well structured flow of numbers. Make sure that you give enough evidence to back the information you present so as to convince the reader that the research question has been answered and that your research provides the best way to solve the question posed in the introduction part.


  1. In this section, explain the implications of your findings to public policy and sociological theory. In addition to that, you can explain the advantages and disadvantages of choosing your theme and how one could improve your survey. Also give an assessment as to whether your research is useful for future investigation.

Ensure that you make your opinion both understandable and clear.


  1. References

Make sure to cite all information obtained from other sources either by doing the in-text citation method or by creating a reference list at the end of the paper.

When you are done writing your paper, it is important to read through it in search for grammatical as well as punctuation errors which you might have made during the actual writing process of the research paper.  You can also hand it to your friend or relative who might help go through it, highlighting some of the mistakes you might have overlooked during proofreading.

There are also softwares available that are useful in detecting errors that people easily can not detect. They can also be used to look for occurrences of plagiarism whether if they occur  by accident or those done internally.


How to Write a Sociology Paper | Essay Writing Tips, Helpful Guides &  Research Paper Sample

How to write a sociology paper

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How to write a sociology paper




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