How to write a good research proposal

How to write a good research proposal

As you try to find out how to write a good research proposal, it is important to know what it actually is.

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A research proposal is a document used to describe the topic being investigated, whereby it highlights its importance and how research concerning the topic is done.

Importance of writing a project proposal include:-

  • Provide opportunity to demonstrate aptitude for graduation level research.
  • It shows that you have thought through the data, tools and procedure needed to conduct the research
  • It helps to confirm feasibility of the project within practical constraints


A bachelor’s or master’s project proposal should be around 2500 to 3500 words. Its structure looks like a shorter version of a thesis or dissertation without results and discussion sections.


How to write a good research proposal

Contents of a project proposal

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Title Page

This is whereby personal information concerning the author of the research proposal and the proposed project title are written. It usually includes:-

  • The project title
  • The author’s name
  • The name of the author’s supervisor
  • The institution and department concerned

How to write a good research proposal

Abstract and table of contents

The abstract usually up to 100 words, includes a concise statement of the intended research. It entails the problem to be examined.

The table of contents is used to navigate the document.

How to write a good research proposal


Begin your proposal with a strong hook that interests the reader. This can be achieved by starting with a controversial statistic to be investigated or a common question among your peers about a contemporary subject.

It should:-

  • Introduce the topic under research
  • Give background information concerning the topic
  • Outline the problem statement and research questions.

The research questions mainly revolve around the aims of the research. They help ensure that the broad research topic is sufficiently narrow and feasible.

Guidelines to help when writing the introduction:-

  • Identify the persons interested in the topic being researched ,for instance scientists and practitioners
  • State how much about the problem being researched is already known
  • Identify what is missing from the available knowledge of the topic being researched
  • Mention the new insights that your research will add onto the currently available knowledge
  • Give reasons why the research you are doing is worth the effort and resources required to be put into it

How to write a good research proposal

Literature review

A well written literature review shows the reader that your project has in depth foundation of existing theory in turn showing its originality.

When writing the literature review, you should:-

  • Show strengths and weaknesses of different approaches
  • Show how you build on and challenge the works of others
  • Compare and contrast main theories, methods, debates and controversies.


You can also read the guide on how to write a literature review for more information

How to write a good research proposal

Research Methodology and design


Research Methodology Design - YouTube

Here, it is important to restate your main objectives so as to bring back focus to your proposed project. The research design section describes the practical steps taken to answer the research questions.

The research methodology entails the following:-


This entails details concerning the following:-

  • Whether you will do quantitative or qualitative research
  • Whether you will collect original data or make use of primary or secondary sources
  • Whether the research design is descriptive, correlational or experimental


Here is whereby you explain how subjects will be selected, for instance by random sampling, case studies. You should also explain what or who is being studied during the research as well as when and where you collect the data.


Explanation about the tools and procedure to be used during the proposed research to collect and analyze data such as surveys, interviews, observations and experiments, providing details about suitability of these methods.


Here, you highlight the amount of time needed to collect the data, how access to participants or source will be gained and any foreseen potential obstacles as well as how they could be addressed.


To avoid writing a simple list of methods, aim to make an argument explaining why each one of them is the most appropriate approach to be used for the research.

How to write a good research proposal

Research schedule

This is a detailed timeline explaining what is to be done at each stage and how long it would possibly take.

Make sure to mention an exact date then outline details about everything to be done at each stage of the research.

How to write a good research proposal


This shows a detailed budget showing how much each part of the project will cost. Ensure that you include only relevant items to the research. For each item make sure to include:-

  • Cost showing the exact amount of money needed.
  • Justification for necessity to complete the research
  • Source explaining how you calculated the amount

To come up with a good budget, it is important to consider:

  • Travel costs to go to specific locations for the purpose of data collection, means required to get to the location and the amount of time to be spent at those locations for research purposes.
  • Need of tools and technologies in carrying out the research and cost of installing the tools and technologies as well as training assistants on how to use them.
  • The need to hire assistants to help carry out the research, the role they shall play in the research and the amount of money required to pay them.
  • Time required to complete the research and the amount of money needed to cover that time.

How to write a good research proposal


Explain why your research is important by sighting reasons as to why it is timely to research your proposed topic.

Finish your project proposal at a high note by exploring potential implications of the research theory. You could also emphasize what you aim to contribute to the topic being researched.

How to write a good research proposal

Bibliography and reference list

This is whereby you list all sources consulted during preparation of the proposal, making up the bibliography. Full publication details for every source of citations present in the proposal is also includes to make up the reference list.

After writing the research proposal, it is important to redraft, proofread and edit the document before submitting it. This can best be done by using a professional proofreading service to check for language errors and proposal structure.

It is also advisable to seek feedback from the professor or supervisor or colleague to whom you submit the project proposal to.


How to Write a Good Research Proposal?




How to write a good research proposal

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How to write a good research proposal