How to Write a Good Article

How to Write a Good Article

How to Write a Good Article

It is important to realize that in case you aspire to make a living out of writing articles, then you will have to learn how to write good selling articles that can attract traffic to your website so as to increase your sales. Articles however do not necessarily have to be meant to be incorporated into a website. They may be added into a magazine, commercial blog or newspaper as these are also outlets that are hungry for fresh and original content.

A vital tip this important to keep in mind throughout your article writing time is to plan and structure your piece before starting to actually write it. A well structured article presents information being communicated in a correct, concise, clear, complete and coherent manner.

How to Write a Good Article

Structure of a good article.

An appropriate opening title

The title you come up with must be enticing and informative as it is the first thing the reader reads. A good title gives information about what the article is about, the readers it targets and question it is meant to answer. Also ensure that you mention the keywords that could be searched by the search engine in the title. For instance how to write articles for which the key words here are how to write.

How to Write a Good Article

An opening paragraph

If the title part has played its part as intended, the reader proceeds to read the first paragraph of the article. The first sentence in this part is the most important part of the opening paragraph. Generally the first paragraph is the one that hooks the reader to your piece of writing. It should therefore be creatively crafted so that it may achieve the following effects.:-

  • Hook the attention of the readers
  • Abide by the promise presented by the title
  • Arouse curiosity of the reader
  • Lead to the rest of the article

This part should neither be dull nor illogical as this would cause the reader to lose interest in reading further into the article despite how interesting and informative the body of the article really is. Ensure that the sentences that make up thus first pa are short, clear and coherent to make it easier for the reader to follow.

How to Write a Good Article

The main discussion

The body could contain as few as three paragraphs or as many as a dozen of them depending on the content intended to be presented within it. Despite the number of paragraphs you decide to make use of, it is important to ensure that there is a seamless logical flow of ideas from one paragraph to the next.

A single central idea should be presented in its own paragraph and supported with adequate facts and evidences. Always begin the paragraph with an attention grabbing statement then proceed to expound on your idea before providing a satisfactory conclusion at the end of the paragraph.

Each idea presented should build on the one before it, hence ensuring that coherence is maintained between adjacent paragraphs. Ensure that the article has enough words as per the requirement of the market it is intended.

In case if falls short of the number of words required, do not fill it with a lot of nothing but instead get back to the research that guides your writing process and Puck out more ideas to explore. If the information also turns out to be more than can fit the intended length of the article, just select the most essential facts to support your argument and discard the rest.

How to Write a Good Article

A closing paragraph

This part is often short, hence while researching in preparation to write your articles, focus on the main idea that you plant present and say it fully and clearly. Avoid introducing new ideas in this part of the articles. Some of the best ways to close out the article include providing a coincide summary of the entire article, posing a question to the readers and answering the question intended to be solved by the article.

This paragraph can be as short as 3 sentences in which the question raised in your article is answered in the opening part, and poses a new question to the reader at the end to encourage a lively discussion in the comments.


After preparing the first draft of your article, endure that you go through it, checking the correctness of facts presented. Also ensure that you have made proper use of pronouns, proper nouns, relevant and logical dates. This is to ensure that your articles remain top selling as editors can be as strict as to never sell any of you articles that at are found to contain misleading and inaccurate data.

After making sure that the ideas you are presenting are relevant and accurate, prepare a second draft of your article, correcting all mistakes identified in the first draft, including all ideas that are easier to expound on and eliminating those that seem to give a dead end when trying to expound on them.

On completing your article, it is important to go through it so as to check it for spelling and grammar errors. After checking it yourself, you can also present it to a friend or family member who will go through it and pinpoint errors that you might overlook. After that, you can have it checked by other plagiarism and spelling checker programs which help correct errors that most normal human being may miss such as detecting occurrence of plagiarism possibly by accident during writing.

How to Write a Good Article

Before submitting your article for publishing, it is important to look whether it has met all the requirements as listed down in the checklist below.

Does your article include:

  • An appropriate title?
  • A strong opening paragraph?
  • A logical and complete main body?
  • A concise closing paragraph?
  • A central idea in each paragraph?
  • Supporting facts and information?
  • Facts checked for accuracy?
  • Correct spelling and grammar

If it meets all the criteria highlighted above, then it is ready to be handed in for publication.

How to Write a Good Article


How to Write a Good Article

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How to Write a Good Article

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