How to write a Case Study for academics?

How to write a Case Study for academics?



Most of the time, students are given assignments in the form of case studies where they are told to express their thoughts in a manner that offers a better understanding of the subject or relevant process. This comes out to be the most effective tool when we are told to express our understanding and learning of a subject.

It tends to resemble the process of storytelling, where you take a particular case scenario, divulge issues in it, analyze the perspective and provide suitable remedies for the effective working of the process. Case study is considered to be a form of research methodology that is mostly used in the field of social sciences.

Here, the writer needs to perform extensive research on the process that sheds light on the roots of the issues and provides reasonable solutions to the problems that can be used for future studies and researches. For instance, you might be asked to write a case study on different businesses and their market perspective.

Here, you’ll be equipped with some information like a case scenario where certain issues related to the business would be highlighted, and you need to study these topics with your own perspectives and aspects. You will further be asked to provide some relevant solutions to the issues, along with proper evidence and facts.

How to write a Case Study for academics?

Format of a Case study

Most of you reading this blog, might not be aware of the authentic format of writing a case study, and hence you end up providing write-ups that are not structured well with authenticity. Well, if you face the same trouble, take a look at this blog because here we’ve highlighted some of the important points of structuring your case study with a proper format.


In the opening part of your research, you need to identify the key issues and problems of the case scenario that needs to be studied. Moreover, you can also include a debatable thesis statement in your introduction and summarize it carefully with the help of the objectives of your case study.

Background details

This section highlights the background information of the situation that has been provided by you in the research. Support it with relevant facts and details and set the scene for a detailed analysis of the theory.

Evaluate your case

This part requires the theory section to be highlighted with some sub-headings. Analyze the case as per the issues stated in your introduction part. Considering the external and internal factors of the study, provide a detailed analysis of the theory. Further, you must evaluate which steps are working and which are not, depending upon the nature of your study.


Based on the analysis part provided in the earlier section, you now need to provide some specific and realistic solutions to your case. You need to support your arguments by citing different sources and references. For this, you can provide necessary facts, figures or graphs along with a piece of your personal experience.


The next thing that you need to do is recommend relevant strategies for accomplishing the proposed solutions of the theory.


Under this part, you end up summarizing your case with some key highlights of the theory.

How to write a Case Study for academics?

Tips for writing a Case Study

This section talks about some of the important tips for writing a case study that you need to follow for academic writing-

Read the given case several times

There’s nothing much you can do if you have not read the case properly or there’s no understanding for it. In order to provide appropriate solutions for your case, make sure that you read the case multiple times for better understanding and knowledge. Moreover, you can also make a list of the key issues that you need to figure out from your case.

Pay great attention to the details and analysis

Until and unless you are not attentive at your work, there’s nothing good coming out of your analysis part. This is the most important section of your case, as you are told to determine the perfect solutions for it with appropriate recommendations.

Suggest best solutions for your case

Based on the research part, discussions, debates, facts, anecdotes and other essential details, you need to specify reasonable solutions for the case. It is always better to propose two or more solutions for the case; if the first one doesn’t work, the others might come to the rescue.

Cite your sources

Since you are told to provide relevant facts and information to support your statements; do not forget to cite sources in your study. If you are not familiar with the process of citation and references, take help from assignment experts at




How to write a Case Study for academics?

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How to write a Case Study for academics?

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