How to prepare for an interview

How to prepare for an interview

Let’s face it. Sitting for an interview is no easy task. The candidate feels extremely nervous in front of the interviewers, and as a result, he or she cannot confidently answer all questions. This does not leave a very good impact on the recruiters, and lowers the candidate’s chances of selection.

In such a scenario, candidates should prepare for the interviewer properly and well in advance, to make sure that he or she leaves a positive impact on the interviewers and increases chances of selection.

Build up an impressive CV

A CV is especially important since it is what gives the first impression of the student. Make sure that you make an impressive CV and only mention all true facts in it. Companies always cross-check information that is mentioned in the CV before they hire a candidate. If you mention incorrect information, it will harm you not only in that particular instance, but can ruin your entire academic career.

Go through the company profile

It is crucial to go through the entire company profile before you appear for the interview. Go through the information that is provided on the company website, as it will help you to understand the requirements of the company in a better way, and thus you can plan your preparations accordingly. It is also a common practice for the interviewer to ask a few questions about the company, and thus going through the company profile will help you answer those questions also.

Prepare a brief description about yourself

The first thing that you will be required to do in an interview is introduce yourself. Therefore, it only makes sense that you prepare to do so beforehand. It is very easy to speak about one’s own self generally, but doing so in front of the interviewer is a difficult task. Therefore, it is a good idea to prepare a short description beforehand, which will include all relevant details like your name, achievements, technical skills, hobbies, etc. This will give you the opportunity to describe yourself in the easiest way possible, and also ensure that you do not miss out on any crucial information due to nervousness or anxiety.

Analyse the job requirement

It is necessary to understand the job requirement, and analyse your strength and weakness on that particular domain before you apply for a job. This will allow you to invest more time on developing a particular skill, and will enable you to prepare accordingly.

Do not underestimate the importance of Group Discussions

Group discussions decide whether the company will hire you or not. The HR will allot current topics in the GD, which will help them to judge your general knowledge skills. Make sure that you read newspapers and watch the news everyday so that you stay up to date with the global happenings. Also, stay confident in the GD, and make sure that you display you leadership and team work skills as well.

Do not argue with the interviewers

Arguing with the interviewer will put a negative impact on the interviewer. Employers do not like candidates arguing with them, and therefore they do not entertain this kind of stuff. Even if you think that your answer is correct, it is best to stay silent, and this policy will greatly help you during interviewers.

Be polite and courteous

It is necessary to be in control over your speech. Your words and manner of talking should be polite and soft. You should be confident, yet stay humble. Do not exhibit over confidence during the interview, as it will decrease your chances of getting a job.


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How to prepare for an interview

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How to prepare for an interview

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