How to improve your handwriting

How to improve your handwriting


Be it a hand written letter or an assignment, first impressions do matter; and your handwriting has a greater impact on the reader than you think it does.  A beautiful script with proper spacing and carefully written alphabets is a feast for the eyes, especially in today’s scenario, when typing is taking over handwriting; and seeing something handwritten is a rare sight.

However, handwritten documents cannot completely be avoided, especially in schools where students regularly have to submit their projects and homeworks. Parents and teachers both often fret over the poor handwriting of students.

Here is how students can improve their handwriting with only a lit bit of practice and effort.

Practice makes a man perfect

In order to improve your handwriting, and to transform it from illegible to stunning, you would have to practice a lot. Start by practicing in cursive handwriting books that children use, and make sure that you practice writing at least 500 words each day.

Use the right kind of stationery

The right kind of pen will ensure that you are comfortable, and give you better results. The body of the pen should not be slippery, lest you keep fussing with the pen. It should have a proper grip so that you can write easily. The pen should also not be too heavy to make you feel tired after just a few words. Discard leaking pens since they leave stains, which make your work look very ugly.

Do not rush through the process

The tip to improving your handwriting is to slow down. Try and write at a pace at which you are comfortable, to ensure that your writing does not become messy. If you write in a rush, you tend to skip forming individual alphabets clearly, and consequently your writing becomes difficult to read and comprehend.

Hold the pen correctly

One of the reasons behind bad handwriting is improper pen grip, and holding the pen correctly. A lot of children develop the habit of holding the pen incorrectly in their children, and no one corrects them. This is a serious problem since once the habit is completely formed; it can become very difficult to write beautifully. You should put emphasis on the way you hold your pen. The pen should be held between your index finger and thumb, and should rest comfortably on the knuckle and the tip of the middle finger. Also avoid holding the pen too tightly.


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How to improve your handwriting

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How to improve your handwriting

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