How to handle slow math learners in class

It is not new or uncommon to hear of students having problems dealing with math. Math is a subject that comprises of a number of tough concepts that are very difficult to understand and grasp. A person requires a lot of dedication and practice to master this subject, and sadly, not all students can achieve this level of perfection in the subject. Perhaps this is why teachers are not able to inculcate love for this subject in all of their students, and a lot of students end up growing with a constant fear of this subject. A lot of students have low concentration levels, and they cannot grasp concepts as quickly as other students can. This, however, in no way means that these students are not as intellectual as the others. They simply have a problem in concentrating on the same thing for a long span, and therefore the normal method of teaching does not suffice in these cases. Educationists and child experts have come up with various techniques that can prove helpful in teaching students who have problems with this subject. Make studies interesting Even intellectual and studious kids would hate to study in a very strict environment, what to say of the other students. Try making your class interactive as well as more interactive. Try teaching basic addition, subtraction, etc. using other objects such as flowers, beads, cookies, etc; instead of the traditional method of teaching it using fingers. Similarly, try and inculcate other interesting ways in your teaching method. Teach in small groups or even individually Slow learners naturally need more attention than other students do. And as a teacher who is teaching a class of forty students, it is simply impossible to pay individual attention to each student. It is a good idea to take extra classes for these students, and to either teach them individually, or in small groups. This will help the teacher to focus on their problems, and solve them. Additionally, this method of teaching would also improve the social skills of the students; so this method has dual advantages. Take customized classes Students love to learn when the learning process is fun-filled and interactive. Keep this mind when you plan classes for your students. A lot of organizations now offer customized plans for slow learners, to help them improve their learning abilities. Schools should avail this professional help, and also ensure regular follow up. This would greatly benefit the students and prove to be advantageous for them. Sound therapy Sound therapy is an effective way of teaching those students who are weak in mathematics. In this method, the therapist uses sounds and tools, which aim at stimulating the auditory pathway of the students. This greatly improves their concentration power. This therapy is also very helpful to improve the auditory transmission in the brain, since it stimulates the muscles near the ear passage and helps students to regain their original learning ability. Cognition training Processing and cognitive enhancement training program, better known as PACE, is a technique that enhances the level of perception and cognition in students, thereby helping them to increase their focus, especially in subjects like mathematics. Additionally, it also boosts the neurological connection, and is really helpful to improve the academic skills of students. All of these methods are tried and tested, and significantly help to improve the performance of students in mathematics. Try using one of these, or more in combination; and watch the academic performance of your class improve drastically.   This article was written by an assignment expert from MakeMyAssignments. For more such blogs and discussions on these kinds of burning issues, visit the blog section of the website and feel free to share your valuable opinions with us. We also provide excellent assignment writing services to students all across the globe to make sure that they score well in their exams and can find excellent jobs for themselves later on. Our assignment services are reliable and affordable, and will go a long way in helping you achieve your long term goals!

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