How to handle Peer Pressure

How to handle Peer Pressure


Peer pressure is a common phenomenon faced by young people. When the decisions of a person are determined by what other people of same age group are doing, then he has become a victim of peer pressure. Different people have different abilities and caliber and hence, no two individuals can be evaluated on the same basis. A fish cannot be judged by its capacity to climb a tree.

Every creation of the Almighty is beautiful and unique, and humans should understand him, but instead of appreciating people for their unique characteristics, we have pronounced ourselves as the judges and judge people on the same parameters. Peer pressure forces individuals to hide their real selves and do what other people are doing so that they can fit into the group.

The feeling of being a part of a group or an association is essential to human existence. Aristotle has rightly said that man is a social animal, which means social participation is a must for the existence of human life. People cannot live in isolation and want other human beings to appreciate them. There is no harm being a part of a group, but when this desire becomes an obsession, the life of people become complicated.

To be accepted by others, people start doing what they hate at first place. You must have seen in the movies or real life where young boys and girls force their friends to try smoking or other things, which a person would not do otherwise. Sometimes to be accepted as a part of a favorite group, youngsters do something that they do not want to do.

Initially, an individual will find it tricky to handle the peer pressure, but with some simple techniques, the negative peer pressure can be dealt with quickly. Use humor to divert the attention. You have seen some people who do not get influenced by others and instead avoid the uncomfortable situations humorously.

Ignorance is bliss. You must realize that sometimes ignoring the negative is the best you can do. Not responding to negative pressure is a good way to get away with it. Learn to say NO. When you feel something is not right, you should speak up, and if other do not understand, then be blunt and honestly say No. Divert the attention. When you find yourself unable to convince others, then try and change the topic so that the attention is diverted altogether. Leave the place.

Don’t go to a place where you are tolerated, go where you are celebrated. Leave the place and the people who force you to do something against your wish. Make an excuse and leave as soon as you can. Choose your company wisely. It is important to be careful while choosing your friends. Be with like-minded people, who always appreciate you for your individuality, and leave the company of those who mock you in front of others.

Stay busy. Empty vessels make more noise; and therefore, individuals should try and keep your mind occupied. This way you can stay away from negative people and indulge yourself in doing something constructive. Peer pressure always comes from the people of one’s age, and several times an individual fails to understand whether what is being asked to do is right or wrong. Our minds are conditioned in such a way that we feel the urge to follow the crowd, without assessing the pros and cons.

There is another term that is teen pressure, which is experienced by young people in their teenage, but peer pressure is always present. When you leave school and go to college, the pressure is there, and the peer pressure continues until the very end of the life. The peer pressure will always be present, and therefore, it is crucial to learn the techniques to deal with it effectively as sometimes, people do not understand and fall prey to peer pressure.

As we age, the level of peer pressure increases, and this pressure is not bad always. Sometimes the challenges make you stronger and a better human being.  Peers may have a profound positive impact on you, but this is rarely seen. Good peers always encourage you to do better in your life. The bond between two people can be lasting, and good peers can play the role of a critique to make an individual a better person.

We have the liberty to choose people with whom we want to spend our lives. Positive peer pressure brings the best in you, while negative peer pressure can ruin the lives. Resisting negative peer pressure is not easy, and when a person masters this art of resistance, then it is easy to look at things from a clear perspective and choose what is right or bad for an individual.


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How to handle Peer Pressure

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How to handle Peer Pressure

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