How to curb exam anxiety

How to curb exam anxiety


Anxiety is an unwanted friend at all stages of life. A child faces anxiety when he or she enters school for the first time, young adults become anxious on the first day of their job, and even sports players become nervous during their matches and tournaments. Anxiety is but inevitable, and everyone has faced it at some point of time or the other. All that you need to master is the art of curbing it, and not letting it affect your performance.

One type of anxiety that no individual can deny having faced is exam anxiety. Even till date, a lot of adults dream about their childhood days when they could not finish their exam in time, and the teacher snatched away the answer sheet. After all, exam anxiety continues to torment students month after month, for years altogether.

The sad part is that a lot of students fail to secure good marks in exams not because they did not study well, but because they faced anxiety attacks before the exams, and they could not figure out how to curb them. Thus, even after knowing all answers, these students simply cannot write them in the exam, and they end up securing fewer marks.

Here are a few ways that will come in handy and help you to battle anxiety.

Take control

You must have come across the line “It is all in the mind”. It could not have been truer than this. All the nervousness, worries and tensions are only imaginary, and your mind continues to feed these unwanted thoughts, causing them to grow further and manifest themselves. Just take a deep breath and talk to yourself. Tell yourself how much you have studied and how you know the answer to each and every question. This will silence the unwanted thoughts in your mind, and help you to focus.

Take out some time

It is true that a lot of students take their exams way too seriously, and they stay hooked to their books for hours at an end. It is important to understand that efforts and studies are a must, but it does not mean that you push yourself to the limits and reach your saturation point. Your mind gets tired of all the hard work and toil, and it shuts down at the time of the exam, causing you to feel anxious.

Learn time management

One major reason why students feel anxious in the end is because they did not give importance to studies before, and they did not prepare for the exams well in advance when they had ample time. Then, in the end, they start cramming and rote learning, and naturally, the brain registers no information. You absolutely should learn the art of time management, and make a time table for yourself, so that you can lead a scheduled and sorted life.

Take proper rest and sleep

Students often pull all-nighters before their exams. They feel that this will give them more time for revision, but what they don’t realize is that ample sleep is necessary for the mind to function properly. If the mind is not relaxed and well rested, you would feel annoyed and frustrated, and you would be unable to concentrate in your exams. In such situations, anxiety is bound to trouble you.


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How to curb exam anxiety

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How to curb exam anxiety

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