How to create creativity in the classroom

How to create creativity in the classroom

Creative activities for school-age kids | Raising Children Network

Creativity is the ability to make use of your imagination to come up with new ideas that you get to apply to come up with something new.

It is therefore argued that creativity is a psychological skill necessary for success both in school and future workplace. This is because it helps deepen understanding and hence makes learning new things even more enjoyable especially for learners in school.

Creativity begins with imagination after which you manifest what you have perceived in your mind.

It is  important to know that creativity is not

  • For writers, artists and painters only as it is a problem solving way which applies in all domains from engineering, to business to biology
  • A sign of mental illness
  • One package with your IQ as even the persons that are not as intellectually gifted can also be extraordinarily creative







Session 5 - Creativity in the classroom

It has become necessary for teachers to encourage creativity in students so as to improve their student’s progression both in class in their future endeavours. They can achieve this goal by

  1. Embracing creativity as part of the teaching and learning process

Teachers could create a bulletin board which highlights the different and most  creative problem solving ways for problems faced in the real world

  1. Creating programs to develop creativity

Teachers can also set aside some time and allocate it to activities such as completions in which the most creative one gets to win a prize, for instance planning a school painting contest which incorporates both the students and their educators

  1. Making use of emotional connections

Since most creativity has ties to the learners emotions, it is also important to appeal to their emotions, by engaging them in activities such as teaching them to sew clothes, cook and do cleaning in sight of helping the needy children in children homes.


  1. Giving students tasks that require divergent thinking and convergent thinking to solve

This could involve assignments that require analytical thinking to come up with a single correct response as well as those that require the learners to consider and present different ways to approach and solve a problem

  1. Paying attention to questions posed especially during discussions

Take note of all questions asked by the students that seem to be outside the lecture and make a point of addressing them so as to encourage other students to be even more creative in their reasoning.

  1. Making use of objects familiar to the students as you teach

This is important to enhance the understanding of the learners, for instance when teaching about the periods long ago when electricity did not exist, make use of a bulb so that the learners may be able to create an image in their minds about living in such a dark period.

  1. Allowing room for mistakes

It is important to allow students to commit their own mistakes from which they get to learn better and more efficient ways of solving a problem. Also, ensure to avoid talking the learners down over the errors they make during their learning process so as to ensure that they remain free to express themselves

  1. Allowing room for questions

As you teach, it is important to create a forum for the students to pose questions that they may have come up with from your presentation of the topic you are teaching

  1. Encourage curiosity among the learners

Creativity: How to Help Students Develop it and Why It's Important

Consider what actually interests the students as that is what drives their thinking. This will help you present ideas to their point of view which could help improve their understanding of the topic and eventually build curiosity to find out more about it

  1. Benchmark from other teachers that have excelled in the art of installing creativity into their students

This could help you gain a better idea on how to improve your teaching skills to ensure your students also end up being as creative as you intend for them to become.


  1. Setting up activities that encourage students to explore their interests in a creative manner.

The activities should therefore be interesting and worthwhile, for instance, the fourth graders are presented with such tasks as knitting aprons and overalls from sacks, preparing food for about 2 servings and making brooms from sticks in their environment. Also students are encouraged to practice their drawing skills from a tender age back in kindergarten and nurtured all through their adventure to as far as high-school.

  1. A teacher can also give a demonstration of a concept that would require students curiosity and will to participate to add onto their creativity.

For instance as a third grade teacher teaches the concept of freezing, he or she can begin by demonstrating how water freezes in the classroom, this is meant to trigger the students ability to imagine other liquids such as juice, vinegar, toothpaste and glue getting frozen. Some can even go as far as trying to find out whether such things as paper, glass, a t-shirt and soil can freeze. A discussion for all that was done by the students in their curiosity is done and active listening as well as deductive reasoning is applied to draw a conclusive analysis

  1. By presenting the students with educative challenges.Eight steps to becoming a more creative teacher | British Council

The teacher could assign the students with the task of writing a play that they would present in front of their fellow students, the teachers and their parents during a prize giving event. In doing so, the students get to come up with the moral they would like to be presented by their piece. They are also at liberty to choose the costumes they will make use of, presenting them with the chance of applying their creativity in making them.

The ideas presented above are just but a few things that a teacher can apply to ensure that the level of creativity is improved among their students. You could also come up with other new ideas of how to achieve the same effect by applying your own creativity.



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