How to choose the right university

How to choose the right university

How to Choose the Right Course, University and Country to Study Abroad

There are a number of factors that affect a student’s choice of university. These include:


  1. Academics

Most importantly, you should find a university that offers the program you are interested in doing.

You can also look into other related programs offered so as to make the best pick given you would have to spend around 3 to 6 years of your life studying it and an average of 40 to 50 years practicing it at your place of work. It is also important to find out if you meet the standards required for admission into the university for instance if your grades match the minimum entry requirements.

  1. Career success

It is important to select a university that will help give you proper preparation to deal with the challenges you are likely to be faced with when you enter the workforce or decide to further your studies. It is therefore important to find out the services offered in the university to help promote your interests.

  1. Location

Since this is probably the first time you will be staying away from home for such long periods, it is important to identify whether you would rather live in the vicinity of an enormous city or if you prefer residing in a remote area with far less disturbances. This should therefore be part of your considerations as you make a choice of the right campus to join.

How to choose the right university

  1. Distance from home

It is important to consider proximity of the university to your home. This because such things as cost of rent, transport, food budgets and many others are influenced by whether the school is near or farther away from the school. The most economical way to go about it would of course be choosing a university nearer your home as rent and transportation costs are nullified as well as some of the budgetary costs that would be essential if a farther away university was chosen instead.

  1. Student Accommodations

For the students that decide on a university much farther away from home, it is important to make an informed decision concerning where you live. You have a choice between living in the accommodations provided within the university premises or sharing an off campus apartment.

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For those who decide to go for the shred apartment, also consider whether there are such services as WIFI connections, game rooms, laundry and workout rooms and meal plans. Sharing an apartment with a roommate is also optional. You also have a choice to live in a apartment within the environs of the university or a much farther one of your choice. All these options are also influenced by the amount of finances you are ready to spend.

  1. Food

The most economical choice when it comes to food is to choose to be your own cook. There are however multiple choices in regards to how you access your food. There are apartments where food is provided at a cost attached to the rent paid.

You could as well decide to be the hunter of the food you want to eat yourself. All these choices are mainly influenced by the diversity of the available menus, flexibility of cafeteria and dinner hours, individual dietary allergies and restrictions and the financial budgets that come with your choice of how to get food.

How to choose the right university

  1. Finances

Here is budgetary concerns kick in. this is whereby there is portions that you will pay for and those to be catered for by your family. This therefore calls for one to consider such things as cost of tuition, transport, accommodation and equipment necessary for learning like a lab coat.

You should also consider whether there are paid corporations which provide internship for school and how much you could possibly earn. You can also look into whether the university provides work study programs which could help you earn an income to cater for your financial needs.

  1. Looks

Besides the classrooms, the students spend time within the premises probably during breaks between the lectures. During this time, you could grab food or a drink, attend events or make use of academic areas within the school areas to carry out group discussions. It is therefore important to make a choice concerning whether you would prefer to be in a clustered university with distinct boundaries or a wide spread one across a large area.

The choice can as well run as wide as an urban like or park like campus, one with ivy covered buildings or a modern one, a big school with more opportunities and breadth or a smaller one where professors have a chance to even know your name.

How to choose the right university

  1. How to get around town

Since a student’s life does not revolve around studies and the university boarders, it is important to consider how to get around to other places from school. This is because it might be important to go to places at farther distances for the purpose of shopping, accessing medical care and entertainment during leisure. You should therefore consider availability of public transport for transit and costs incurred during such movements.

  1. Whether the university provides extra-curricular activities

It is important to consider what you are passionate about outside classroom. You should therefore consider whether the university you wish to join provides enough input to support the facilities that could help you exploit the areas you are passionate about.

You should therefore find out the available clubs, sports and fitness classes in the university. It is also important to find out whether the school provides the religious activities you would rather be involved in.

How to choose the right university

  1. Consider looking into the university rankings

Rankings will provide you with  more information concerning the comments by the students in the campus, whereby they tell more about how good the academics are, whether or not they are happy and enthusiastic about the school itself and the services offered within it.

You are now likely to find the perfect university to join.

How to Choose the Right University


How to choose the right university

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How to choose the right university

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