How to become an Independent Learner?

How to become an Independent Learner?


An individual who takes the accountability of its own learning is often regarded as an independent learner. Here, a person is brought under the situation of learning where he tries to acquire knowledge by his own efforts and further develops the ability for self-evaluation. These individuals are self-aware by nature and know how to evaluate themselves.

They very well know about their strengths and weaknesses as well. They strive towards a considerable progress stage and often chart their failures and achievements. If you are a student, who aspires to become an independent learner, then your research needs to be conducted by yourself instead of seeking guidance from the teacher for providing certain material you need. It is very important for a student to be self-motivated in order to be an independent learner and should be merely driven by their own words of wisdom to face real-world challenges.

The skills of independent learning are highly helpful when a child is brought under the situation of the online learning environment; where a teacher can be at a distance and parent support restricted. By adhering to some of its characteristics in real, students can foster responsibility and self-confidence both in universities and their future career. It’s more of an aspect of analytical thinking where you have to evaluate your own drawbacks and potentials. The skills of an independent learner should be developed in kids at an early stage.

These skills not only develop their perception of great learning but also make them a great thinker and leader. An independent learner tends to develop a perception towards the world based on his personal experiences and observation so that he can make informed decisions in the long run. Following are the characteristics that define an independent learner-Self-motivation Curiosity Responsibility Critical thinking Self-evaluation

How can you become an independent learner?

Efficient time management

The process of time management involves organizing and planning your work and dividing specific activities based on their priorities. Time management practice enables an individual to work smarter, not harder. All you need to do is plan out things smartly so that they are completed in less time. Allocate time according to your priority and spend as much time you want for a particular project.

Practice things alone

Practice working on things alone for a long period of time without taking help from others. Independent learning helps you focus more on the process rather than the goal. Practising things alone can help you figure out your own strengths and weaknesses. You can minimize the distraction level according to your own needs and allow yourself to improve your focus towards work.

Study even when you don’t feel like

There are times when we don’t feel like studying or getting involved in some kind of activity. Remember, successful students, are those who don’t wait until they feel great about studying. Independent learning helps you to understand that present frustration is worthwhile to achieve future success and endeavors.

Be constant

If you want to become a persistent learner, then you should study for longer hours with full concentration and focus. You cannot give up easily if you are to become a persistent learner. Keep working on it until you understand the things carefully as per your needs. Be constant about your work and efforts.

Take help when necessary

Independent learners should always solve their problems by themselves. They should try to figure out things and find a solution to it by themselves first. But if they fail to come to a relevant conclusion after several attempts, then they can ask for help from others. Never try to hide or ignore your problems. Do take help from others when you feel stuck.

Set goals and be determined

The best way to keep yourself motivated is to just think about what you want to achieve and what your future plans are. Set your goals accordingly so that you can look up to something. Be productive and invest sufficient time doing useful things rather than wasting your time on social media or phone.

Give yourself a break

Take a break and give yourself proper sleep from your daily schedule so that you don’t get drained out easily. This provides proper rest to your body, and your brain tends to function well. Take a proper diet and sleep, and do regular exercise to stay positive.

Seek and act on feedback

Make sure that you take all the feedback from your teachers and peers in a positive way. It’s pointless not to take their feedback seriously and to work on it diligently. Feedback often encourages the students to work harder and also makes them understand as to why they are currently standing in their learning process. Try to focus on the process of learning, as well as its goal.

Work out on your priorities

Once you have decided what your problems and interests are, then you can work on them accordingly. Make sure that you address them all efficiently. Each of them should be given sufficient time to tackle it and perform it with sincerity.

Maintain a record of your daily work

You must keep a record of your daily doings as this will help you with your further planning. This can even motivate you to keep going and thus improve your results. Once you have achieved a target, you can work for your next target precisely and start the planning process again.

Make your goals clear

Your goals need to be defined well in your mind. Try to assess and evaluate yourself in terms of your accomplishments and what you are about to achieve.

Make proper notes

As an independent learner, you should keep your notes and documents well organized and safe so that they can be easily located whenever you need to. Make sure that you maintain a proper notebook for your notes and documents so that you don’t lose any of the important content from it.

Try different and new learning methods

Some people like to learn by experience while others prefer to read or take notes or revise in the same manner. As an independent learner, you should try to identify different subjects and modules that might suit the method of learning. You can even apply different methods of study techniques as per your convenience and learning potential.



How to become an Independent Learner?

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How to become an Independent Learner?

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