How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?

Easter Traditions and Customs That You Might Not Know

How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?

30 Mar, 2018


How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?

Easter is one of the holiest days for Christians. As per the new testament of Bible, the day marks the resurrection of Jesus Christ. People all over the world celebrate Easter by socializing and feasting on mouth-watering food. But the cultural events differ from one region to another. While some celebrate it with solemnity, others mark the occasion with pomp and show. Millions of people will be celebrating Easter this weekend. So, this is a perfect time to know about its different customs and traditions from around the world. Read on further to know about this:


Easter week is a public holiday in Britain which gives a chance to go for vacations. On this day, people attend the mass prayer in churches. If you visit any city in Europe during this time, you may have a glimpse of the traditional folk dancing called Morris. And, everyone is seen wearing the Easter bonnets. Apart from the Easter egg hunting events, ‘egg tapping’ is sometimes played in the North of England, where players hit other players’ eggs.

How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?


German term for Easter is Ostern which has been derived from the Anglo-Saxon name for the goddess of spring – Eostre. It is said that the tradition of boiling and painting the Easter eggs has its roots in Germany. Moreover, the tales of Easter bunnies can be found from the books of the 16th century. There is a special feast on this day that consists of numerous food items, such as scrambled or boiled eggs, cakes baked in the shape of a hare, and rich loaves of sweet bread. People in some areas of Germany, light Easter fires late in the evening of Holy Saturday.


Norwegians celebrate the day by reading mystery books and watching the crime detective series on national television. Many families enjoy it by trying adventure sports especially mountaineering, ice skating, and horseback riding. In addition to this, there is a tradition of eating and gifting Kvikk Lunsj(a thick chocolate similar to Kit Kat).

How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?


Most Brazilians celebrate the day by enjoying live football matches. In some suburbs, there is a crazy tradition of making straw dolls to represent Judas (the apostle who betrayed Lord Christ. The best dummy is hanged in the middle of streets and beaten. Many times, people make the replica of corrupt politicians and businessmen. At night, youngsters participate in carnivals by wearing traditional attires.


Easter is basically a two-day celebration in Greece that starts from the Holy Saturday. There is a unique custom of throwing pots, pans, and other earthenware out of the windows and smashing them on the street. As per locals, this tradition is a way to welcome springs. At night, people decorate the homes and streets by lighting candles and some also participate in candlelight processions. The Easter meal basically consists of roasted lamb, bread, and wine.

How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?


Easter celebration in Sweden is similar to Halloween. Girls dress up as Easter witches wearing colourful long skirts, headscarves, and weird hairstyles. These kids go from home to home in their neighborhood, trading their paintings, crafts,  and drawings. The tradition is said to come from the old belief that witches would fly to a German mountain the Thursday before Easter to dance with Satan.

If you visit Sweden around this time, do not miss the traditional Easter lunch which consists of different varieties of spiced schnapps, pickled herring, roast lamb with potato gratin, cured salmon and Jansson’s Temptation (potato and pickled anchovies baked in cream).


How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?
As now you are well aware of the various Easter customs and traditions around the world, you can pick some of them while celebrating the day in your college dorm or at home. We wish you enjoy the day to its fullest.  However, if loads of pending projects are impeding you from this, then seek assignment help online from the experts working with our company. And while ordering with us, do not forget to claim your special Easter discount.



How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?

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How Is Easter Celebrated Around the Globe?

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